How to Fix a PSP Screen

The PSP is a versatile device you can use for playing games, watching films or browsing the Web. None of this will be possible if the screen is broken of course. Here is a guide on how to fix a PSP screen and replace it.

How to Repair the PSP Screen

Required Tools and Materials

Eye protection glasses
Suction cup
Adhesive tape

Step 1

Wear the gloves and glasses.

Step 2

Place the suction cup to the back of the screen. Pump it out very carefully. If done correctly, the liquid will go in the lines to the interior of the screen. Put some adhesive tape on the screen. If this doesn’t work, you have to replace the PSP screen.

How to Replace the PSP Screen

Required Tools and Materials

Butter knife
New PSP screen

Step 1

Take off the screws on the PSP faceplate. You can find them on the rear corners of the PSP. Two are below the battery pack. Take out the battery first so you can remove the screws. the third is at the bottom and the other one is in the center.

Step 2

To understand how to fix a PSP screen, separate the faceplate from the PSP. Get the butter knife. Carefully wedge the screen borders. This will allow you to pry off the LCD screen.

Step 3

Find the one inch film-like strip hooking up the PSP to the LCD screen. Look for the tab and pull it up. This will remove the connection of the two.

Step 4

Look for the second wire on the PSP. Take this off in the same way you removed the other one. This will totally detach the screen.

Step 5

Put the new screen on. Put the connections in the same area. Push the tabs down. Put the screen in the steel border made for it. This has a rectangle shape.

Step 6

Put the faceplate on the PSP. Put the screws on the underside and the rear of the PSP. Put the battery back in place.

Step 7

Turn the PSP on. the device should function properly.

Tips and Warnings

If you are going to try and repair the screen, be very careful when popping it. Done incorrectly, it may make the cracks worse.

When studying how to fix a PSP screen, make sure you do not lose any of the screws. it is important that you attach the screen on the same location as the old one. Otherwise, it will not work.

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