How to Fix a Ps3

It is actually very easy to learn how to fix a PS3 with picture problems. Most of the time, it has nothing do with hardware or the cable. The usual reason is that the displays are not attuned to your TV.

Step 1

First make sure that the PS3 connections are tight and secure. If they are and there is no picture, you should turn the master power switch off. This is to the rear of the PS3. After 15 seconds, flip it back.

Step 2

Turn the PS3 on and hit the power button. There will not be anything on the screen. Press and hold the button on the front. This will turn off the PS3.

Step 3

Press the power button on the front. The PS3 screen will appear and request for the screen resolution. Prompts will appear. Follow it.

How to Fix Problems with PS3 Connections

Step 1

Check the cable connections and the router. Make sure that the connection is not loose. If you are using a wireless router, you need to be sure you are not out of range.

Step 2

Sometimes the problem could be a slow connection. For online multiplayer games, you need a broadband connection. It is also a good idea to get a dedicated connection for games.

How to Fix a PS3 that Freezes at Startup

Step 1

Press the power on the front until it becomes red. In some models, the power is at the rear. Hold the front button until 3 beeping sounds are heard.

Step 2

Hold the button until you hear two quick beeps. Let the button go.

Step 3

Hook up the USB cable on the port. Hit the PS button. This is the middle button on the controller. Choose “Restore File System” on the screen. A message will appear saying, “the hard disk file system is corrupt and will be restored."

Step 4

Turn the controller on by pressing the PS button. To restore, press the X button.

Tips and Warnings

Here are a few simple reminders to keep in mind. Make sure that your PS3 is set on an even surface. The Ps3 must also be cleaned of dust. Too much dirt and dust can hamper its performance. The room should also be well ventilated. This will prolong the life of your PS3.

These are some of the more common problems with PS3, and as you can see they are easy to fix. You just need to be patient when learning how to fix a PS3.

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