How to Fix a Loose Drawer Knob

There will come a time that drawer knobs will really loosen up and even if you keep on tightening them using a screwdriver, they will just keep on loosening up which is pretty annoying. This usually happens because the wood that once held the screw tightly gets stripped. Fixing a loose drawer knob is very easy and cheap also.

Materials for Fixing a Loose Drawer Knob

Box of wooden toothpicks
Wood glue
A pair of scissors or a sharp knife


The purpose of this procedure is to fill up the hole in your drawer with a new wood that can be use in fixing a loose drawer knob. The toothpicks are the ones that will serve as the new wood where you will screw your drawer knob into thus solving the problem of it being loose.

Steps in Fixing a Loose Drawer Knob

1. Just unscrew the drawer knob from the drawer using a screwdriver. Before using any glue, you need to place some masking tape on the area surrounding the hole of the knob to prevent any glue drips to stain the wood finish of your drawer.

2. Slowly pour the wood glue on the hole where the drawer knob was screwed and fill it up. Take about a dozen toothpicks and fill the bottom half of the toothpicks with wood glue. You might need more toothpicks if necessary to fill up the hole.

3. Stick the toothpicks with wood glue into the hole on the drawer as deep as you can go. Fill in as many toothpicks as the hole will allow you to and let everything get dry for at least a day.

4. Once everything is already dried up, you need to slice off the protruding toothpicks from the hole using a pair of scissors or a sharp knife. Just be careful in doing this so that you will not damage or scratch the wood finish of your drawer. If the toothpicks are protruding on both sides of the hole, then you need to slice off also on the other side as well. Once you are done trimming, you will notice that the hole in your drawer is now filled up with some new wood courtesy of the toothpicks.

5. Take the drawer knob and screw it back into the hole where it originally was. It will now stick firmly making you successful in fixing a loose drawer knob.

Tips in Fixing a Loose Drawer Knob

See to it that the wood glue in the toothpicks is really dry before you screw back the drawer knob.
You don’t have to make a pilot hole before screwing the drawer knob due to the characteristics of the toothpicks.
Be careful in handling the pair of scissors or knife to avoid any damage in the appearance of your drawer. Place a cardboard or masking tape beneath the area that can be affected with these sharp tools.

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