How to Fix a Golf Slice

Many average golf players want to avoid slicing the golf ball because it decreases their winning chances. If you are one of the players who usually make this error and you want to become a professional golf player, then it is important that you correct this mistake. The tips discussed below can help you avoid making this mistake and again, thus increase your chances of winning in tournaments.

Golf Stance

The first factor that you should consider to prevent slicing the golf ball is the golf stance. It is important that you practice the proper stance. To prevent a golf slice, align your shoulders to the ball. Put your weight at your right foot and point your other foot to the left. Practice the stance regularly since a slight adjustment to the position of your shoulders, feet and elbows has an effect on your performance.

Golf Club Grip

Aside from stance, it is important to know that the grip affects one’s performance. Use your left hand to grip the club. Put your thumb at the shaft and make sure that your finger is pointing to your right eye. Put your right hand over your left hand. Do not grip your club too tight if you are right handed. You can practice the proper grip in a driving range.

Golf Swing

Another solution to the problem is knowing the proper golf swing mechanics. If you are practicing a backswing, remember that it should start with your hands and to be followed by your arms as well as your shoulders. If you are doing a downswing, it should start with your hips. Practice this often to decrease the risk of slicing the ball.

Additional Tips and Other Important Information

If you are having problem with golf slice, you need to get the club that you used when you commit the mistake. Go to a driving range and bring several golf balls. Do some stretching before you practice. Get into the normal position and correct golf stance. Choose a target. Check your grip. The club should be positioned across the hips.

Focus on your target. Adjust your stance and your grip based on the position of your target. Remember that your hips, feet and shoulders should be pointed to the direction of the target. Hit six to seven balls. Adjust your position every time you hit the ball. Continue hitting until you master the proper stance and grip. Practice until you stop slicing the golf ball.

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