How to Fix a Glass Curtain Walling

How to Fix a Glass Curtain Walling

Known as a non-structural outer covering that is commonly mounted on buildings, a glass curtain walling is used as a sunscreen on large windows. The curtain walling is usually mounted on dining rooms as well as staircases. Some of the materials that are used when mounting the wall are steel and aluminum. Before mounting the walling, it is important that its anchors can support different loads like the wind load, the dead load, the seismic load, snow load, thermal load and the blast load. If the anchors are not strong enough to hold the loads, then there can be damages in the walling. To learn how to fix a glass curtain walling, it is best to follow the simple steps discussed below.


The first thing to do when repairing the walling is to measure the width as well as the length of the area where it will be mounted. After measuring the space, you need to cut the aluminum framing based on the measurements. Before cutting the frame, remember to add at least two inches for each side of the frame. To avoid further problems, you need to assemble the glass before you erect it.

After assembling the glass, the next thing to do is to prefix it to the aluminum framing. Make sure that you install all the linings before you fix the glass. The linings are very important because these prevent the heavy winds from breaking the glass.

As soon as you have prefixed the glass, you need to secure it with fasteners or brackets. After securing the glass, you need to install bolts to attach the glass to beams and walls. When the glass was installed, you should clip the glass into the mounted brackets. To hold the glass firmly, you should screw a rubber cover on the frame.

Additional Information and Other Important Details

If the glass curtain walling will be installed in commercial sites, it is important that the glass has a thickness of six millimeters for monolithic and 25 millimeters for insulating glass. To improve the thermal transmittance values, it is important to insert gases like argon. There are several types of glasses used in installing the walling. These include the translucent as well as opaque glasses. Aside from these, business establishments commonly use vision or spandrel glass to improve the security as well as the aesthetic value of the place. To make a depth perception, shadow box construction is used by contractors.