How to Fix a Computer

It’s quite a common phenomenon for the many people who have owned and used a PC to want to know how to fix a computer. Some people anticipate that there will come a time that they will have to look under the hood of these computers and figure out what’s wrong with them. Others are pushed into the scenario since they urgently need the computer to work. Here are a few things you need to consider when you’re figuring things out.

Tools and Equipment

You will need both hardware and software tools when engaged in the process of how to fix a computer. As you might have guessed, the computer issues that everyone may experience can be categorized either as software issues or hardware issues. Of course you will diagnose each category of computer problems differently. You will also use different tools to deal with each category.

You will basically have a few tools in your arsenal when you try to fix hardware related computer problems. You will basically need a standard size Philips screw driver, the one with the cross tip. You will also need precision type screwdrivers, to be used for smaller screws in case you’re dealing with a laptop. You will also need tweezers to pick up screws that might have fallen into your computers case. Finally, a safety pin will be helpful to poke into small buttons, like a reset button on a DSL modem or router.


You will also need a bunch of software to help you fix certain software issues. You will need diagnostics software to check your computer for hardware failure. You will also need the installation disks for your applications, operating system, and system drivers in case you have to reformat and start over. You will also require an anti-virus recovery disk in case your system just suffered a virus attack. You may also need anti-spyware software.

Troubleshooting References

If you’re a budding computer troubleshooting artist then you will need references on how to fix a computer. Take note that there are hundreds of computer issues and problems out there. They range from ordinary start up issues to software incompatibility issues to connectivity issues, and to a host of error messages that can drive you crazy. Not everyone can memorize all of the computer related issues out there.

You may learn how to fix a computer when it comes to the most common issues that regularly occur. But you will never be able to commit to memory every single computer problem. Some of your references will include online help forums and manufacturer support sites. Remember that someone else has also had the same experience and there will always be someone out there has come up with a solution.

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