How to Fix a Cloudy Swimming Pool

Swimming is a very nice activity that is all about fun and excitement. However, swimming pools are prone to different kinds of problems such as cloudy water especially when not properly maintained. This can eventually turn off swimmers. Just imagine how much dirt, bacteria and algae present in such dirty waters. To ensure a fun, safe and enjoyable place to swim for everyone, it is good to learn how to fix a cloudy swimming pool.

Materials Needed

Fixing a cloudy swimming pool is not that hard to do. In fact, you only need a water clarifier or flocculant to get this job done. Furthermore, several factors need to be considered when dealing with cloudy pool waters. These include the age of filter used as well as the type of filtration system currently installed.


Before you try fixing a cloudy swimming pool, it is very important to determine first its cause. This is quite helpful in determining the appropriate solution to the problem. In case the cause of the problem is poor filtration system, the best solution is to replace this part of the pool right away. Check out if the sand filter of your pool is more than 7 years, which is the best time to replace it.

Another possible cause of cloudy pool water is an algae treatment. For this problem, you need to use aluminum sulfate, which is actually a flocculant product. One of the trusted brands today Bioguard, which manufactures PowerFloc, a special kind of product designed to solve this particular kind of problem. Once you pour in the specified amount into the pool, it will cause unwanted particles to sink into the bottom part of the pool. Once this happens, you can easily vacuum them right from underneath the pool.

If the cloudiness of the water is not that severe, which means that the bottom of the pool is still visible from the top, a water clarifier is enough to solve the problem. One of the trusted products available today is Bioguard’s Polysheen Blue. This product is guaranteed to work within 24 hours, after which you can perform a good filter cleaning or backwash.

In severe cases of water cloudiness, the use of a flocculant is necessary. However, there are certain conditions you need to find out before you can apply a flocculant into the water. First, the pH level of the water is more than 7.8. The higher the pH, the more effective this product becomes. Available in powder or liquid form, gently pour the flocculant into the water. Allow the solution to circulate for approximately 2 to 4 hours. After that, shut down the pump and let the solution stay for more or less 24 to 72 hours. Vacuum the debris once they settle at the bottom of the pool to eliminate the cloudiness.

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