How to Fix a Car Seat

How to Fix a Car Seat

Fixing car seats is a task usually left to a car mechanic. But as the instructions below will show, some of these problems can be repaired DIY style.

Removing Holes in Car Seats

This method works for a lot of fabrics. They can also be used on carpets and rugs.

Required Tools and Materials

Razor blade
Nail polish
Super glue

Step 1

Use the razor blade and scuff below the car seat. This should be where the fabric is concealed. Be careful when scraping and gather all the fabric you’re rubbing off.

Step 2

Put a small amount of glue on the hole. Put the fabric you collected on top of the hole. When fixing car seats with burns, you need to press the fabric into the hole. Use the pencil to push it in. As the adhesive dries up, you’ll be able to adjust the fabric. Keep making adjustments until the hole is no longer visible.

Step 3

The burn hole can also be fixed using the nail polish. Go over the hole and put in the nail polish. Just make sure the nail polish is the exact color as the car seat. Keep adding the polish until the hole is no longer visible.

Getting Rid of Cigarette Burns on Car Seats

Soft cloth
Sandpaper (2000 Grade)
Iron-on patch
Fabric cleaner spray
Rubbing alcohol
Heat gun
Utility knife

Step 1

You should start fixing car seats with cigarette burns by scraping the edges surrounding the hole. Use your knife for this task.

Step 2

Smooth the area with the sandpaper. You’re done when the edges are level with the fabric. Pour some alcohol on the cloth. Wipe it on the hole. Give it time to dry.

Step 3

Slice the iron—on patch with the scissors. The cut piece should be a bit larger than the hole. Set this piece on top of the hole. Use the heat gun so the glue will dissolve on the patch. Let this patch cool down.

Step 4

When the patch has cooled, apply some spray cleaner on a clean piece of cloth. Wipe it on the patch. Let it dry.

Tips and Warnings

When fixing car seats with burns, be sure the glue melts completely and uniformly. If you don’t do this, the burnt hole might come up again. If you’re getting a new fabric, take the time to examine it under various lights and shades.

The fabric may be a match in full sunlight, but it may look different under shade. Do not scrub too roughly from the fabric; the hole might get bigger.

Besides the pencil, you can use other tools like a pen, marker etc anything to push the fabric through. When you are repairing car seats, patience is needed.

Aside from burns, other potential problems with car seats are spills and stains. For the best results, buy a stain removal kit that’s designed for the fabric of your seat.

Even when you’re careful, fixing car seats will be necessary on occasions. For this reason, the knowledge above will be essential.