How to Fix a Broken Zipper

Zipper is present in almost everything that we use like jeans, bags, trousers, wallet, car seat covers, laptop case, and even shoes. We know that zipper provides convenience to its user but when it is broken or separated, the majority of its users want it to get replaced instantly. But before you go somewhere to get a replacement for the zipper on your belongings, there are some ways that you can do to fix a broken zipper.

How to Fix a Broken Zipper – Misalign Teeth

Using a pair of pliers, take out the metal stopper of the zipper located at the bottom part. Its main purpose is to stop the slider each time you open up the zipper. If you don’t have any pliers available, a screwdriver or a blunt knife can do the job easily but just be careful with these two things.

Once the metal stopper is removed, slide the slider to the bottom part of the zipper just a little below of the lowest teeth of the zipper.

Realign the teeth of the zipper in a way that they won’t entangle with each other again. Now slide the slider to the top of the zipper until it is completely zipped up.

Using a needle with thread, make some stitches across the bottom part of the zipper where the metal stopper used to be placed. Start the stitches at the backside of the zipper and make six to seven stitches then knot the thread at the backside also. Cut the excess thread and now you already know how to fix a broken zipper.

How to Fix a Broken Zipper – One That Unzips Constantly

It is truly an annoyance when your zipper unzips on its own without your knowledge. To fix a broken zipper like this, you can use a hairspray and spray some on the zipper to harden it. But if the hairspray method won’t take effect, then sewing three Velcro dots alongside the zipper might do the trick.

If you don’t want any Velcro dots on the zipper, you can sew a button at the top portion of the zipper as an alternative. Then affix an elastic loop to the zipper which can then be put over the button to ensure that the zipper will stay unzip.

How to Fix a Broken Zipper – Sticky Zipper

A multi-purpose lubricant is the quickest way to fix a broken zipper that is stuck up. Using a cotton swab, apply the multi-purpose lubricant liberally onto the zipper. If you don’t have any lubricant around, then a dab of the cooking oil will also do the job when you apply it to the zipper. Just be careful that you do not stain your clothing with the cooking oil. Another fix on this situation is by gently rubbing a bar of soap to the zipper in an up and down movement. Any of these methods can help loosen up the sticky zipper you are on.

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