How to Fix a Broken Zipper

Before you throw out your favorite jeans because its broken zipper has rendered it useless, you should check out a few tips listed below on how to fix a broken zipper.

You might even be surprised at how easy it is to fix a broken zipper! With a few tools that you can find in your garage, you can have your zipper zipping up and down properly again in as little as fifteen minutes.

How to Fix a Broken Zipper

Two of the most common zipper problems are misalignment of the teeth and a broken puller. Easy quick fix steps provided below will only require a few minutes of your time plus a few handy tools that you can find around the house.

Misaligned Zipper Teeth

Metal zippers can sometimes get stuck or misaligned teeth. Whatever the case may be, the following steps can solve this problem.


You will be needing the following for this type of zipper repair:

– pliers, needle-nose types work best if you have one

– thick thread typically used to sew buttons

– a pair of scissors

– needle


1. First, lay your jeans on a flat surface and then with your pliers; pry open the stopper found at the bottom end of your zipper and take it out.

2. After you have removed the stopper, pull down the slider all the way to the bottom end of your zipper, just until the last teeth.

3. Press on the length of the teeth to realign them. Make sure that you press the teeth flat on the surface so you can evenly realign them.

4. Once you have realigned the teeth, pull the slider back up to close the zipper.

5. With your needle and thread, sew about 7 stitches across the bottom part of the zipper where the stopper used to be. This will give your zipper a new stopper so the slider won’t fall off when you zip down.

Broken Puller

Over time, your zipper puller may get broken from too much pulling up and down. A quick fix for this is to attach a small safety pin to the latch where the puller was attached to.

You can also use those metal rings that you usually find in key chains. Simply attach these to the latch and you have a new puller.

Make sure however that you do not get one that is too big for your zipper as this can be highly visible which could result in a few heads turning to check out what’s hanging from your zipper.

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