How to Clean and Maintain Rugs

How to Clean and Maintain Rugs

Because spills and dirt can’t be avoided, knowing the ways to clean and maintain rugs is a must. Keep the following dos and don’ts in mind so your rugs stay in tip top shape.

Things to Avoid When Cleaning Rugs

Beating will force the threads to loosen up. It will also destroy the rug backing. A lot of rugs will fall apart with a solitary beating. It’s also not a good idea to vacuum the fringe. This will force the fringe into the vacuum beater bar.

Even if the fringe does not get sucked in, it will be heavily damaged. If you keep doing this, the rug will deteriorate. It will curl up and become stringy.

Facts About Carpet Shampoos

One of the ways to clean and maintain rugs is by using shampoos specially designed for carpets. However, make sure the shampoo is thoroughly washed and rinsed out. If not, it will draw in more dust and grime.

If using carpet shampoo machines, make sure they’re of top quality. Watch out for carpet shampooing utilities with numerous brushes; they may prove too rough for the rug.

DIY Carpet Shampooing

Carpet shampoos may come with different instructions so follow the guidelines. However you always need to brush the rug first. This will help remove any dirt clogged up inside.

Look at the rug carefully. Is it really that dirty? One of the best ways to clean and maintain rugs is by vacuuming. Try vacuuming the rug first. If the dirt is removed, there’s no need to shampoo it.

How to Remove Spills and Stains from Rugs

Rule number one is to clean the spill immediately. The moment food or drink is spilled, get some clean, dry towels. Press the towel from the outside and move towards the center. Press the towel firmly during the process. Get another towel and repeat the procedure.

Do not move the towel around in circles; the spill will spread. If you spilled milk on the carpet, clean it by mixing water with mild detergent. Apply it in the manner described earlier.

Other Ways to Clean and Maintain Rugs

To get rid of pet odors, combine a cup of Borax with 2 cups of cornmeal. Pour this on the soiled spot. Leave it there for 1 hour then vacuum.

For the best upkeep, vacuum the rug every week (both sides). If you don’t have the time, vacuum the rugs every couple of weeks. Turning the rug 180 degrees once a year is advisable. This will keep one side from wearing faster than the other. If you can rotate more often, it’s okay.

A few pointers when transporting rugs; roll them first (never fold). If you’re going to store them in a car, put them over heavier objects. Put an object over them (nothing heavier than a lampshade).

If the dirt is extensive (i.e., it is caked with mud), consider hiring a professional service to clean it for you.

These are the ways to clean and maintain rugs. Try them and your carpets will remain in good condition for a good many years.