How to Change a Car Battery

How to Change a Car Battery

If you’re a new car owner, trying to change a car battery may seem difficult. But it really is simple, and understanding the process won’t take long to learn.

Required Tools and Materials

New car battery
Wire brush
Battery wrench
Battery puller
Battery cleaning solution
Anti corrosion solution

Step 1

Turn off the engine and lift the hood. When you find the battery, disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery. This cable is black. To do this, use a combination wrench to undo the nut. You can also use a battery wrench.

Step 2

Twist and pull the cable’s end off. Use the terminal puller if the cable won’t come off. Do not use a screwdriver. Prying it off may cause serious damage.

Step 3

To change a car battery, disconnect the positive battery cable. This is the red cable. Unlink it from the car battery the same way you detached the black cable.. You can use the socket to take off the battery clamp. You can use a combination wrench if you prefer.

Step 4

After step 3, you can remove the car battery (it’s on the tray). If the car battery has handles, use them to lift the object. If it doesn’t have one, carry it with both hands. Be careful; car batteries are heavy.

Step 5

Look at the battery tray before you change a car battery. If there’s corrosion, clean it. Mix baking soda with water. Use the wire brush to remove the corrosion. Clean the hold-down clamp using the same liquid mixture.

You can also use the brush to remove corrosion from the cables and other components. If there’s too much corrosion, use the battery cleaning solution. Follow the instructions for applying them.

Step 6

Install the new car battery on the hold-down tray. Fasten it using the battery hold-down clamp. To prevent corrosion, you can put anti-corrosion spray on the terminal ends (this is optional however). After you change a car battery, reconnect the positive and negative cables. Examine the connectors; if they are free to move, the car may not run.

Tips and Warnings

Battery acid is corrosive so make sure it doesn’t splatter anywhere else. Do not allow it to make contact with car paint. Old car batteries should be disposed off in recycling centers; do not dump them with regular trash.

Besides the recycling center, you can also bring the old car battery back to the store you bought it from. They’ll be able to dispose of the item properly.

Check your car manual before replacing the battery. The procedures above should work on most models. However, some cars may require additional steps.

Consult the manual for additional information. To avoid problems on the road, regular check ups of your car is recommended. Most car batteries have a warranty of 60 months; check yours to see how long it is.

After you change a car battery, double check all the connections. Connecting the cables to the wrong terminals could damage the vehicle.