How to Build Your Own Solar Panel

If you live in a place that receives a lot of sunlight, you will benefit from having a solar panel. This can be used to produce energy. You can build a solar panel in a single afternoon.

Required Tools and Materials

Insulated copper wire
Flat-tabbed wire
Solar cells
Solder and soldering iron
Silicone sealant
Cutting tool

Step 1

Solder two flat tabbed wire lengths on the rear of the solar cells. Make sure the flat tabbed length is double the solar cell’s width.

Step 2

Saw the plywood sheet to the desired size of your solar panel. Put on two coats of the paint.

Step 3

To make the placing of the solar cells easier, draw a grid on the plywood. To build a solar panel, get the solar cells and place them on the plywood. Use the grid you drew up as a guide. Have the flat tabbed wires on the cells’ rear soldered. Solder the top of a solar cell to the next cell close to it.

Keep repeating this so all the cells are stringed together. The cells should end up being stringed along the length of the base. Create as many as needed. Set aside three inches of free space on the base edges.

Step 4

Lift each cell and put a silicone drop in the center. Put the cell down. Let the sealant dry. Start wiring all the solar cell strings to the next by connecting the negative lead to the positive lead string. You will have one more negative and positive lead. Solder them to the insulated copper wire lengths.

Step 5

Saw one inch boards to make panel backing edges. Put some silicone sealant along the panel edges. Set the border boards into position. Make pilot holes into the backing into the board borders. Screw into the backing and in the boards.

Step 6

Make a couple of holes in the board boards. Put the wires leads in them. Put sealants in it. Make a hole at the bottom border. Put on a sealant strip by the border top edge. Set a Plexiglas sheet on the panel top. Drill pilot holes in the Plexiglas onto the border panel. Put screws in. Let the sealant dry.

After you build a solar panel, set the unit in the sun. Connect the lead onto the power system in your home. If you built the solar panel correctly, it will run properly. If there are any problems, check the setup to see if there are problems.

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