How to Build Your Own Laptop

How to Build Your Own Laptop

Thanks to the prevalence of barebones laptop kits, you can now build your own laptop that is custom tailored to your needs. Some people who have built their own laptops have even described the entire process as simpler than building a desktop PC. If you’re interested in building your own laptop then check out the information we have below.

Required Equipment

The first thing you need in order to build your own laptop is a clean work space that is static free. Take note that the components of these computers are sensitive to static discharges, which can cause damage to their components. You also do not want to get dust and other foreign contaminants to damage your computer’s parts.

Other than preparing the appropriate workspace, you will basically just need a screwdriver, which basically should be precision screwdriver set. Other than that you will also need the barebones kit and other necessary hardware that you want to include in your laptop. You should prepare all these tools and hardware before you start working on the assembly. You don’t want to keep the case open for too long, which may risk some degree of damage to your computer system.


Not everyone wants to go into the dirty details of assembling their own laptops. In case you just want to choose what parts you want installed on the laptop and not necessarily get into the assembly process, you can go online and locate one of the many online computer stores.

There are online computer stores that allow customers to choose what parts of a custom made laptop they want to assemble. However, you should make sure that the site you order from is legit and has good reviews from previous customers. A well-known and highly recommended online computer store is a good option. You will simply be asked to order what laptop components you want installed and they will assemble it all for you.

Build Your Own Laptop

In case you want to do things on your own then here are the steps you have to do. The first step is to find a barebones laptop kit that suits your needs. These kits will include the case, motherboard, computer screen, touchpad, and keyboard. If you’re after portability then you might want to consider getting a kit that includes a 13-inch screen. If you’re just looking to replace your desktop then you should get a kit that includes screens that are 17 to 19 inches in size.

Check the Features

You should also check the features of the components that come with the kit. See if it has your desired hard drive size, adapters, wireless capabilities, graphics adapter, and the amount of available RAM. Don’t settle for the first set you see. Compare products from different manufacturers.

When you build your own laptop, you will first have to open the panels that cover the internal parts of the laptop. Some panels have screws while others have snap on designs. Make sure to remove the battery if it is preinstalled in the kit. Most kits will have the motherboard already in place so you will usually just insert the memory modules, hard drive, and CD/DVD drive.

The next step to build your own laptop is to remove the keyboard and then insert the processor into its designated spot and clamp it in place. Attach the fan and heat sink. Mount the graphics adapter in case it is a separate unit from the motherboard. Reassemble the keyboard and other plastic surfaces. Finally, power on the laptop and commence installing the operating system.