How to Build Wall

Knowing how to build a wall can bring many benefits. For example, you make a wall to serve as the planting area. Here are the steps needed to make a stone wall for your garden.

Required Tools and Materials

Ivy or other plants
Small trowel

Step 1

Get some rocks and stones. Make sure they are flat and will match your landscape. You can also use bricks for this project. There should be more than a few flat rocks in your yard. If there are none, you can check out stone quarries; they are a good source of rocks.

Step 2

Combine the planting soil with some compost. This mixture will serve as the stone’s soil. Add some gravel. The gravel is important because it will be used for draining.

Step 3

Put the stakes in the area where you want the wall to commence. Make sure you put stakes where the wall ends. You should put the string between them. This is necessary to spot the wall.

Step 4

Make a trench about fur inches deep. The hole must be set by the string. Put some gravel or sand in it. Fill it up. When it is filled, tamp the gravel. Make certain that it is stable and firm.

Step 5

Anyone learning how to build a wall should begin by putting the rocks together. When putting the stones together, make sure there is an inch of space between them.

Apply an inch of the soil mix on the rock layer you just set up. As you put the rocks up, stagger them. This is important because it serves to fortify the structure. Leave some spaces; this is where you will put the plants.

Step 6

When you get to the top, put some more of the soil mix there. You will use this area for the plants.

Step 7

Get the herbs and plants. Put them in the spaces you just created. If you see some spaces, put more soil in it. If necessary, use the trowel. Make sure to water at the top down. Allow the water to roll.
The structure is now finished.

It is easy to learn how to build a wall, but the execution is very important. Make sure you do not go over the marks you put up. If you go beyond it, you may not have enough stones to build it. Just to be sure though, get a few more than what your project needs.

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