How to Build Triceps

How to Build Triceps

Triceps are those muscles found behind the upper arm. In order to have completely toned body, triceps workouts should also be included in your body building routines.

How to build triceps include a few workouts that you can do at home if you don’t have the time to trek to the gym. This will also save you money from gym club memberships.

How to Build Triceps at Home

1. Close grip push ups. This is much like your regular push ups except that you have to keep your hands closer together, at least between six and eight inches apart.

To do this exercise, find a suitable place where you can comfortably do your push up. Facing the floor, place your hands flat on the surface, palms down and six to eight inches apart.

Now stretch out your legs and keep your back straight and arms straight. Slowly lower down your body up to the point where you are almost touching the surface and then push yourself back up.

As you get more accustomed to these push ups, you can add weights on your back to allow your triceps to work harder as you do the exercise. You can simply place a stack of books on your back, increasing the number as you progress.

2. Tricep Extensions. This is also a very easy exercise that you can do at home, with the help of dumbbells. If you don’t have dumbbells, you may use filled water bottles instead.

To begin the exercise, sit on a chair or any raised flat surface like a bench. With your back and shoulders straight, slowly lift the dumbbell with one arm until you reach the top of your head.

Make sure that as you do this, your back is still straight and your arm with the dumbbell close your ear. Now slowly bend your elbow, making sure that you keep your arm raised as you do this. Bend until the dumbbell reaches the top of your shoulders.

Keep the bent elbow position for about two seconds and then lift the dumbbell up slowly until your arm is fully outstretched upwards.

Do this for at least eight times up to twelve times and then shift to the other arm. Repeat the process with your other arm.

You can start with two to three sets per arm for beginners and then increase the number of sets as you get more used to the routine.

Beginners are advised to workout the triceps at least three times per week and then reduce down to twice per week as you notice your tricep muscles starting to build-up.