How to Build Shed

Before you learn how to build a shed, decide where it will be located. The typical work shed is 8 ft long, 5 ft wide and over 6 feet high.

Required Tools and Materials

Gate fence kit (ready-made)
Steel rod (optional)
Corrugated galvanized steel sheet roof
6 pieces 4 x 4 lumber (solid wood utilized as posts)
Lumber (6 pieces, 2 x 4)
Support wire
Cinder blocks
Concrete mixer
Color spray can
Tape measure

Step 1

Clear the area of any debris, weeds and rocks. Rake the plantings out if needed.

Step 2

Use the color spray to mark the shed outlines. If you are making a 5 x 8 ft shed, mark at least a foot on all the base sides.

Step 3

Shovel up some dirt. Make a hole eight inches deep at least. Put in a couple of inches of sand. Tamp it so the base will be even.

Step 4

Dig up half a dozen holes, each four inches deep. To build a shed properly, make the holes large enough for 4 x 4, 6 foot high posts. Put the posts in place. Leave a foot of space around it. This is for the bricks. Fortify the posts by pouring concrete in it. Allow the concrete to dry.

Step 5

Put the concrete mixture in. Make it 6 inches deep minimum. Spread it out by using a 2 x 4. Let it dry. Drynig times will vary per product.

Step 6

Start putting the bricks in place. Begin at the concrete base’s lowest portion. Put some mortar on before setting the bricks on. Make sure you stagger the bricks so it is stronger. Trim the initial brick to 50% its initial size.

Keep putting mortar as you stack the bricks up. Be certain there is no room for water to come through. Leave space for the door opening. There should also be 3 inches of space for roofing and ventilation.

Step 7

Cut the 2 x 4 to make the roofing. Put the wood horizontally on the posts. Join the lumber parallel to one another. Leave a six inch overhang per side. Put on the corrugated galvanized steel roofing.

Put the roofing six inches of the overhang. Put some metal sheeting on the raised roofing side. Make sure it is flushed to the wood. Leave the lower side as it is. The final step to build a shed is to put the door in. Make it easier by using a prefabricated door.

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