How to Build Muscle At Home

How to Build Muscle At Home

A membership at the gym isn’t always possible for everyone. Some people are tied up with a lot of work or other concerns that prevent them from spending time at a gym. However, in spite of the time, work, or what not, we still have to find at least some time to workout even in the comfort of our own homes. Here are a few tips on how to build muscle at home.

Health Evaluation

You should treat a workout from home just like any other workout you will do in a regular gym. Make an appointment with your doctor to get an evaluation of your current health and fitness. This will help you determine which routines, activities, or exercises are suited for you. You do not want to risk personal injury while you build muscle at home.

Use the Stuff in the House

If you can afford to purchase weights then it will be good for you. That eliminates producing makeshift weights that you’ll use for your workout. However, not everyone can afford the financial burden or have the required space to store such equipment. What one can do is to create makeshift weights from items available at home. These homemade weights are usually easy to make and won’t be a hassle to store.

An example of homemade weights would be used milk jugs cleaned and filled with water, sand, or rocks. Use heavier material once you get the hang of the weights. You use these weights as you would regular weights you see at the gym. As a reminder, make sure that the lids on the milk jugs are sealed tight.

You don’t want to spill water or sand all over yourself as you pump weights. You should also make sure that all the jugs you will use are of equal weight. Weigh them in using a scale just to be sure. If you want to adjust the weight or need something heavier then just get heavier material into the jugs.

Exercise Routines to Build Muscle at Home

Set aside a regular amount of time each day for your exercise routines. Use your homemade weights. Other than training with weights there are other muscle building exercises that you can use. Remember that the goal is to exercise and train your entire body. Bicep curls and other exercises using weights will be complemented by muscle building exercises.

Some of the exercises you can do at home include tricep dips, push ups, and squats. These exercises if done properly will help you build muscle and strengthen your body. These are all important things you can do to build muscle at home.