How to Build Deck Stairs

Hiring someone to build deck stairs is not necessary. By following these directions making these steps will be a quick process.

Required Tools and Materials

Angle irons
Circular saw or handsaw
Galvanized screws or ordinary nails
Joist hangers
Concrete mix (optional)
Framing combination squares
Tape measure
Multiuse screws
Electric drills (with variable speed)

Step 1

Get the height of the deck. Divide that figure by 6 or 7 inches. These are the usual heights of risers. The result will be the number of steps you’ll need, beginning from the ground all the way up to the deck.

Step 2

Measure the tread (the step width from front to the back). When you build deck stairs, the usual figure is twice the riser height and the tread width. That’s about 26 inches. If the riser is 6, the tread would be 12 to 14 inches.

Step 3

If needed, pour concrete to make a solid base. You can also attach kicker plates if you want. This is a board to which the stairs can be joined to.

Step 4

Get a 2 x 12 treated board. Put the measurements you obtained earlier in it. This is going to be the first stringer. Mark the height on the framing square’s short arm. Now set the framing square on the board with the mark at the outer edge.

Hold the framing square. To build deck stairs, slide it up / down until the square long arm’s width is at the board edge. Trace on the outer outside edge of the framing square. It will resemble a V. Mark more treads until you get a VVV.

Step 5

Remove the tread thickness from the bottom stringer. Notch the bottom so it can be set on the kicker plate.

Step 6

Get the saw and cut by these marks. After assessing the alignment, cut another stringer. Use the first one as a pattern. Fasten the stringer tops on the visible joists (with bolts).

Step 7

If you’re going to build deck stairs, you need to link the bottom stringers using angle irons. These are to be fastened on the kicker plate or base. Get the width of the steps. Slice the risers and treads to the proper width. Leave out a ¾” overhang on both sides.

Step 8

Nail or screw in the risers. Install the treads. Secure the risers’ bottom edges on the treads’ rear.

Tips and Warnings

Make sure you are wearing goggles when you cut the lumber. Always keep in mind that the maximum riser height is 7.75 inches. The depth of the tread is 10 inches maximum. The minimum width is 36 inches. If you’ll be using more than three treads, you’ll need to make hand railings.

Before you start, check the local building codes. There may be certain rules and standards that need to be implemented when making stairs.
The easiest way to learn how to build deck stairs is by going out and making one. Just remember the basic calculations and you’ll be fine.

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