How to Build Catapult

Catapults were utilized as weapons thousands of years ago. Today however, people learn how to build catapults for use in games. This guide will show you how to make catapults using wood.

Required Tools and Materials

Ruler or tape measure
Ammo (small boil, pebble etc)
Bungee cord
Long handled wooden spoon
1 eye bolt
2 screw-in hooks
20 1 1/2 inch screws
Eight feet of 2"-by-3" lumber

Step 1

Saw the 2 x 3 wood into the following sizes: 2 pieces, 7 to 8 inches long, 2 pieces, each 1 foot long, 1 piece, 7 inches long, 2 pieces, each 6 inches long and 2 pieces, each 4 inches long.

Step 2

You can learn how to build catapults by making the base first. Put the four inch pieces between the ends of the 12 inch pieces. You will end up with a rectangle. Rest all the pieces at the edges.

Step 3

Drill a couple of holes on the four joints. Drill it through the 12 inch piece and into the four inch piece’s end. Fasten in the screws.

Step 4

Get a couple of six inch pieces. Set them on their ends and against the outside of the 12 inch pieces. The six inch piece’s front must be four inches off the catapult frame’s front. Drill holes in the six inch pieces into the 12 inch piece. Join them with screws.

Step 5

Put the 7 inch wood and set it flat across and behind the 6 inch pieces. Position it so the top edge is set against the upright pieces’ top ends. Use a couple of screws to join the uprights and crosspiece.

Step 6

Cut the 2 7-8s so they are flushed to the crosspiece. Put them two inches apart and screw them to the base.

Step 7

Fasten a hook on the front base side. Screw the other hook to the wooden spoon front. Secure the eye bolt to the inside of the front frame.

Step 8

Position the spoon so it is standing up. Set it at an angle at the crosspiece’s back. The end should be at the bolt. Make sure the bolt is loose so the spoon can move.

Step 9

Join the bungee cord on the hooks; this is at the base’s front and the spoon. It should run to the crosspiece.

You have just learned how to build catapults using wood. Just pull back the spoon and put a projectile in the spoon bowl. Release it and watch the projectile fly off.

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