How to Build Cabinets

Knowledge of basic carpentry is needed to learn how to build a cabinet. But even first time builders should be able to do it provided they use the right approach.

Required Tools and Materials

Woodworker’s glue
Pencil and paper
Tape measure
Layout square
Power drill
Table saw
Sandpaper or power sander

Step 1

Draw a sketch of the cabinet. Make it as detailed possible. Include the dimensions (height, width and depth). Go to a wood warehouse or hardware store and get the required number of wood pieces. Mention the dimensions of the cabinet; the store people will be able to give you the right figures.

Step 2

Cut the wood according to the dimensions you make in the sketch. Put the wood pieces together without using glue. At this point you just want to check if the pieces fit. Trim any if needed.

Step 3

To build a cabinet, drill holes at the back and the sides. This is where the screws or nails will go. Make sure you drill straight. There is no need to drill very deeply. Just drill enough so there is an opening in the wood where the nails can be put in.

Step 4

Repeat the drilling for all the wood pieces. Mark them.

Step 5

Glue the sides. Use screws or nails to secure the pieces. The glue is necessary to keep the piece from moving around. The glue also helps in keeping the cabinet in one piece. When the sides are finished, you can put the cabinet door in place.

Step 6

Now you can sand the cabinet. The time it takes to sand will depend on the size of the cabinet. It also hinges on the sander you use. A power sander will cut the sanding time significantly.

Step 7

Stain the cabinet and let it dry.

Step 8

If you want, you can paint the cabinet. The color is up to you. Make sure to apply the paint in an even manner. Apply as many coatings as needed.

Tips and Warnings

You can mark or label the wood pieces after you cut them. This will help you remember where the pieces will go to. Be accurate in your measurements. Never paint, stain or sand in clogged rooms. Make sure the room is well ventilated. This is crucial.

The method described here to build a cabinet is a fairly simple one. However, the building principles outlined can also be used to make more complex cabinets.

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