How to Build an Engine

How to Build an Engine

There are many ways to build an engine depending on the type. This guide is for making a steam engine generator which can be used for many experiments.

Required Tools and Materials

Rubber tubing
Check valve
Rubber stopper
Circular support for tripod legs
Metal tripod legs
Steam boiler
Aluminum strips

Step 1

Get a boiler with a round cylinder and a hole around on its top. There must also be a relief valve close to it. Now you will have to make a tripod for the generator.

Step 2

The boiler should come with two features at the top: the pressure relief valve and the opening for the rubber stopper. Chop off three 6 x 2 inch aluminum strips to connect to the generator. Stick these at the generator’s bottom.

Step 3

Position the tripod so that every leg is set an angle of 30 degrees. Make sure the leg positions are of equal distance.

Step 4

Get some JB weld or another compound like it. Use it to connect the generator and the tripod. Apply the compound according to the product instructions.

Do not put the generator on the tripod until it is completely dry. Anyone who wants to build an engine of steam must remember this step. If the tripod is not steady, the boiler will crash.

Step 5

When the tripod is dry, put the generator on it. Create a couple of holes on the rubber copper. One hole should be big enough for the rubber tubing (about 1/8 of an inch). The other hole should be for a thermometer.

Step 6

Join the rubber tubing to the device you want to run. Check the pressure so the boiler does not go over its limit.

Step 7

Watch the engine generator as it runs. Make sure it doesn’t get dry. If you allow it to occur, the boiler may crack and get damaged. Do not set the heat to over 300 degrees F.

Remember that aluminum will melt at 660 C. If the temperature exceeds the figures mentioned, the boiler may explode. For this reason, you need to be precise when monitoring the temperature.

Tips and Warnings

Be very careful when running this steam engine. If using this for an experiment, make sure there is always someone checking the temperature. The other should check the device you will be using with the steam engine generator.

If you are going to build an engine, make sure you are wearing safety glasses. If working up close and with high temperatures, wear gloves and face shields.