How to Build a Wrestling Ring

By being aware of how to build a wrestling ring, you’ll be able to master all the moves that the pro wrestlers do. The building process isn’t that hard actually.

Required Tools and Materials

Wooden planks
Foam padding (at least an inch thick)
Covering cloth
Spring coil or flexibeam system
3” wide steel cylinders (for the ring posts)

Step 1: Prepare the Platform and Spring Coils

This is the platform where the ring will be mounted. This is usually three to four ft high. The size of a typical wrestling ring is 14 to 18 sq ft. Cut the wood planks into a rectangular shape.

Nail the planks together. Position the spring coil system or flexibeam underneath the ring. Follow the instructions on how to install them. This device is essential to anyone who wants to build a wrestling ring; it provides the bouncing effect you see on TV.

Step 2: Add the Padding

Put the padding on the platform. Place the canvas on top of it. Make sure the canvas covers the whole ring. Try jumping on top of the padding to see if it’s bouncy enough.

Step 3: Make the Ring Posts

Position the steel posts at each corner. You can use clamps to hold the posts in place. Or you can make holes in the platform so the steel post will go through them all the way to the ground. Continue to build a wrestling ring by adding the apron.

Step 4: Fasten the Ropes

Three ropes are used in a wresting ring. Fasten the ropes into turnbuckles. These need to be about 1 ft 6 in away from each post when extended. Wrap the turnbuckles with cloth or padding.

The padding should be at least 6 inches in diameter. The ropes can be of any thickness, but 1 inch is the norm. The usual colors are red, white and blue. It can also be a single color.

Ring Design Variations

Some wrestling rings are six sided. You can build them the same way as you would a typical ring, except the platform needs to be hexagonal in shape. Turnbuckles must also be increased to six. As with the rectangular ring, you can make it any size you want.

Tips and Warnings

After you build a wrestling ring, test it. Use thick wood planks if several people are going to get in the ring at the same time. Test the ropes for firmness before you start using it. Wear knee and elbow pads. Do not attempt dangerous moves like the
piledriver unless you know exactly what you’re doing.

If the ring is going to be employed for professional use (and not practice), ensure the ring is at least 5 ft from the nearest spectator seat. The flexibeam or spring coil needs to be checked regularly. Wear and tear might cause them to break.

The most important thing to consider when you build a wrestling ring is safety for both wrestlers and spectators. By taking the appropriate measures, injuries and accidents can be prevented.

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