How to Build a Wrestling Ring

Professional wrestling is one of the most wildly popular sports (sort of) in the world today. And with all those elaborate death-defying maneuvers they perform, it is also one of the most dangerous. Like those ads always say, “don’t try this at home.” But if one is brave to do so anyway, don’t just do it anywhere in the house. Before practicing those moves, one might as well learn how to build a wrestling ring right in their own backyard.

In building a wrestling ring, it is important to consider the appropriate location to set it up on. It should preferably be on a flat area devoid of sticks, rocks or any jagged objects. One should also determine the measurements of the ring, its dimensions depending on that of its intended location. Use a measuring tape to measure the chosen area in order to verify how much space will be taken up by the ring.

Use any cutting tool such as a saw, a pair of scissors or a knife in cutting a piece of foam to be fitted into the wrestling ring. The thickness of the foam should at least be 2”. If foam that thick cannot be found, thinner pieces of foam can also be glued together until the amassed foam measures at least 2”. The foam is then covered with a water-proof material; if needed, one may use a sewing machine in sewing together tarps to cover the foam entirely. The edges should be sewn together so that the foam will remain dry even when it is raining.

Take a plywood sheet as big as the piece of foam; this will be used as the base of the wrestling ring’s mat. The foam should be placed on the plywood; one may use glue to attach the foam to the plywood if they wish. To frame the ring, employ a post hole digger in digging a hole on each of the plywood base’s corners. Make sure that the holes have a depth of at least 1’ to ensure the corner posts will remain stationary. The corner posts are the planted in each hole, filling cement or dirt around them.

Hooks are then attached to the respective corner posts’ outer corner. The individual hooks’ height on the initial post should be measured so that the posts can be placed at similar heights on the next 3 posts. The hooks will be used in securing the ropes or bungee cords that will surround the wrestling ring’s outer boundary. The hooks’ number will correspond with the number of ropes one wishes to have on the ring. The typical number of wrestling ring ropes is between 3 to 5 rows. The ropes are put up by simply threading them through each hook. The ropes may also be looped around each of the corner posts if one opts to do so.

Before leaping into one’s very own wrestling ring, always keep in mind to exercise extra due caution. Do not try to execute the really difficult wrestling moves that might end up hurting others, as well as oneself. Leave the tougher stunts to the pros. Avoid climbing up on the posts or jumping off the top rope. Remember, as sturdy as one can make this ring, it is still nowhere near the professional rings used in the arenas. So be very, very careful going up there playing would-be wrestling superstar.

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