How to Build a Work Bench

The steps needed for building a work bench are pretty straightforward. If you follow the guidelines below, you‘ll have the bench finished in a few hours.

Required Tools and Materials

Circular Saw
Screw gun
Flat-headed builder’s screws (2½-inch and 1¾-inch) or rosin coated nails (12 and 6 penny)
¾-inch plywood sheet
2x4s, 1x4s, 1×8 lumber

Step 1

Make a rectangle frame with the 2x4s. Make it between 25 to 36 inches wide. The length can be anywhere from four to eight feet. After cutting the 2x4s to size, saw a couple of 2×4 end pieces. Make it three inches bigger than the width you want. Nail the frame pieces together.

Step 2

Cut off as many cross pieces as you require. When building a work bench, these have to be as long as the end pieces. Set the cross pieces every two feet. A six foot long bench will require a couple of cross pieces. If the work bench is eight feet long, three cross pieces will be necessary.

Step 3

Get the plywood sheet. Saw it so it will fit on the frame. If you want, trace the frame outline on the plywood and cut it. Be certain to put the sheet on the sawhorse before you cut it.

Step 4

Join the plywood sheet on the frame using the nails. If using screws, they should be 1 ½ to 2 inches long.

Step 5

Use a sandpaper or orbital sander to smoothen the rough edges and corners.

Step 6

Make the work bench legs from the 2x4s. If the work bench is 36 in high, saw the wood around 35 ½ inches high. Join the 2×4 leg on the work bench frame using the nails. Fit the table leg on the frame’s corner. Do this for all the legs.

Step 7

Attach a 1×8 lumber piece on the rear of the table. Make sure half the width is over the tabletop. Use the screws to join the backing. The wood will run across the work bench length. If you want to side pieces, make it half the table width. You can slice a curved edge on the piece’s front portion.

Tips and Warnings

Make sure the table height is set right; it will be impossible to change. Once the work bench is finished, sand it again. You can paint the table if you like.

When building a work bench, make sure you wear the safety glasses. You can also don gloves when using power tools.

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