How to Build a Wooden Outdoor Shower

Camping is fun but without water sources nearby it will be hard to stay clean. The best solution is by building a wooden outdoor shower.

Required Tools and Materials

Plastic barrel (with a lid; black)
Two stoppers
Handheld shower attachment (one with a hose)
Opaque tarp with grommets
Several 2 x 4s
Lock washers
Sixteen wood screws (1/2 lb, ¾”)
Eight carriage bolts

Step 1

First you need to put the barrel at a high spot. A cluster of trees or rocks will be fine. Make a platform if needed.

Step 2

Get four 2 x 4 x 8’ long boards. You’ll also need eight 2 x 4s 4 feet long. Position the four short pieces so they make a square. Set the 4” side on the outer surface. Fasten them with wood screws.

Step 3

The subsequent step to building a wooden outdoor shower is by slicing plywood to fit the frame you made. Fasten it with the ¾” wood screws. Flip it so the plywood sheet is not on top. Get the 2 x 4 x 8s.

Connect them to the platform’s outside corners. Use a couple of carriage bolts per corner. Set them diagonally. Be sure to put a washer in first. Add the lock washer. Put the nut on.

Step 4

Mark a spot 4 ft from the upper edge of the platform (by the legs). Secure four 2 x 4s there. Turn the platform. It should be on its legs. Optionally, you can set the legs in cans filled with concrete. When building a wooden outdoor shower you need to fasten the platform to rocks or trees using a rope.

Step 5

Get your drill and make a hole in the barrel. Make it large enough for the stopper. The stopper’s chain should be long enough that it can be pulled. Create another hole under the barrel and put in a spigot. Put the hand held shower apparatus on the spigot.

Step 6

Use the tarp to cover the shower. Use the rope to keep the grommets together. One side should be opened so you can enter and depart. Make certain the tarp shields five feet of the shower top (minimum).

Using the Shower

Keep in mind that if building a wooden outdoor shower this way, the sun will be able to warm the water. You can use the spigot like an ordinary faucet, turning it off and on when needed. The barrel can be filled using a hose. You can also fill it up with rainwater.

Tips and Warnings

If the platform is not stable, the entire structure could collapse. You need to be certain the structure has a solid base. In addition it needs to be fastened to its supports tightly. The shower is for bathing only; do not play or frolic around the area.

As long as you are building a wooden outdoor shower, you should always wear eye safety glasses. This will shield your eyes from any splinters that fly off when you start cutting lumber.

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