How To Build A Window Box

One of the easiest and most enjoyable projects you can do on a weekend is to build a window box. Use the following as a template for making your own designs.

Required Tools and Materials

Trim molding
Wood glue
Miter saw
Tape measure
Cardboard sheet (12 x 36)
Drill and bits

Step 1

Start by measuring the window where you’ll put the box. Cut the cardboard according to the width you get. Slice both ends and bevel it a bit. You can also round off the tops. For the back, cut it from a 10” inch board; for the front, slice from a 12” board. Slant them.

Step 2

Proceed to build a window box by drawing a line on its face board. Use a ruler to make it straight. Butt the cardboard’s edges to the middle line. Illustrate the design. You can now sketch at the wood before trimming the cardboard.

If you want smooth curves, bend a wire on the cardboard. Trace around it. You can cut the template by these lines. You can also trace on the box’s front. When you’re done, you can trim the design with a saw.

Step 3

Now you can sand and paint the pieces. To prolong the life of your box, use a round file to smoothen the holes. Prime and paint it. If you build a window box this way, it will last much longer. The drain hole size is up to you but they should be at least ½” wide.

Step 4

Now you just have to glue in the parts. Alternatively you can clamp or screw them in. If you glue them, make sure to remove any excessive glue. Be sure to glue the trim molding properly. Put the brackets below the window box. The spacing should be eight inches or so.

Step 5

Now you can paint the box any way you want. Try to be as creative as you can be and use different paints.

Step 6

After you build a window box, you can put it in place using some screws. Make sure the screws are fastened on tight. You’ll probably need someone to hold the box while you screw it in. The spacing should be six inches per bolt; however this will also depend on the size of your box.

Tips and Warnings

Be sure the box is sturdy enough to hold in the soil. You can put in plants like Creeping Raspberry, Bacopa etc and other plants. If the area gets plenty of sun, put in a few flowers too.

Conduct some research so you know which plants are most suitable for cultivating in your region. You can also ask the local nursery for more information. Follow the directions for using fertilizer, watering etc. Just make sure there’s plenty of space for the plants in the box.

The process to build a window box shown here is meant to give you an idea of what to do. Feel free to try different designs and styles.

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