How to Build a Website For Free

How to Build a Website For Free

Web hosting is one of the issues that one must consider when you want to build a website. There are free options and paid options to host your web site’s content. The cost of hosting your site is primarily the drawback of getting paid hosting. On the other hand, free hosting sites will have you display ads and other stuff, which kind of takes away some of the general appeal of your sites.

If you’re just starting to learn how to create web sites and want to practice making your personal web site first then getting free hosting options is best for you. The same is true for those who just want to get their site up without having to shoulder the cost. Whatever the reasons are, here are a few pointers on how to build a website for free.


The obvious requirements for such a task are a computer and Internet access. You also should have at least some content ready to be posted to your site. If you already have all these ready then it’s time to build a website for free.

Find Free Hosting Sites

Your first step will be to look for a suitable free hosting site. You don’t have to look far since these websites are pretty much everywhere. They usually offer free domain names so you don’t have to purchase and maintain one yourself. Other than a free domain name, these free sites allow you to use their site building tools to get you started.


Even the users who are not that computer savvy start building a simple yet informative site at first. Of course, setting up and creating a web site isn’t a one time event. You will have to fine tune your site and add content to your web pages. Free sites will offer you different amounts of free storage and they usually have comparable design platforms.

Domain Name

The next step to build a website for free will be to select a domain name. You should make several domain names in advance since the one you have in mind might already have been taken by someone else. Your chosen free hosting site will prompt you whether your selected domain name is already taken or not.

Beef Things Up

Once you have your content up and your web pages set up you might want to preview your site before you finally publish it to the web. By this time you’ll be doing some of the finishing touches as you build a website for free. Of course, as time goes by you can add content, redesign the layout, change colors, change the pictures, and add other content to your web pages. After previewing, you can publish your site on the web and start promoting it.