How to Build a Two-Room Dog House

Do you want to provide comfortable shelters for your dogs? Doghouses are important to keep dogs warm during winter and cool during summer. If you are a dog lover, you have nothing to worry about having a dog shelter. You can save money by learning how to build a two-room doghouse in your backyard. Discussed below are the steps that you can follow to finish this project.


To finish the project easily, you need to get all the materials beforehand. The materials that you need include a ¾-inch plywood, 13 pieces of wood that has a dimension of 2×4 and a piece of 2×2 wood. In addition to these, you need a saber saw, weather resistant nails and screws, a nail gun and a hammer.


The initial step in this project is to measure the pets that will be occupying the house. Determine the length of the animals. The length of the animals will be the basis for the width of the houses. Do not forget to add 12 inches to the total length of the dogs. To determine the length of the houses, you need to add 18 inches to the total length of the animals.

Measure the height of the animals while sitting. Add nine inches to the height to get the height of the doghouse. Use the 2×4 wood pieces to make the frame of the house’s base. Secure the base of the house using the water resistant screws.

Get the ¾-inch plywood to install the floor. Cut the remaining wood pieces based on the length and height of the doghouse. Use these in creating the sides of the house. Secure the sides with the water resistant nails.

Create the front and back of the house by cutting pieces of wood using the height measurements. Attach the wood pieces to the frame using the screws. Get the plywood and cut a sloped roof. Use the saber saw to cut the wood easily.

Use the saw to make a hole on the front to serve as the entrance to the animals. To know the height of the entrance, measure the height of your pets while standing. Add six inches to the measurement. To make the doghouse more attractive, you can paint it and you can add designs to the house. After painting the wood, you can apply gel coat to make the doghouse more durable to climate changes. You can also paint the names of your pets on the doghouse.

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