How to Build a Tiki Bar

It takes more than a few bamboo sticks to build a tiki bar. You can use the following as a guide or template for making your own designs.

Required Tools and Materials

Outdoor bamboo binds (10 x 10 ft)
3 folding tables
Multicolored outdoor lights (available in novelty shops)
Hawaiian sarong
Various island themed ornaments
Six 10 ft bamboo posts
Plastic candle holders
Fishing line
Pre-made thatched roof or tarpaulin
Coconut cups

Step 1

Keep these in mind when choosing an area to put in your tiki bar. It should be flat and with plenty of trees. The trees will give it the right ambience and allow you to set up plenty of lights.

The site shouldn’t be too exposed to the lighting in the house so it doesn’t conflict with the ones you’ll be setting up. A back fence will also come in handy as an anchor when you build a tiki bar.

Step 2

Put the 10 x 10 bamboo blind on the floor. The blind’s top should run along the back wall you’ve chosen for the bar. Now get one of the tables. Set it in lengthwise by the front.

Take one of the Hawaiian sarong and place in on the structure. Pull the sarong so it covers the table completely. Fasten it on the table’s legs. This makes the bar’s front appear closed.

Step 3

Put the bamboo poles 1 ½ ft in the ground. These should be set the corners. Drive in a few more bamboo poles if you want, but keep the bar front open.

Step 4

Those who build a tiki bar have two roofing options. The first is to buy one of the pre-made roofs. There are several available. This can be installed at the top of the entire structure. A cheaper alternative is to drape a tarpaulin on the four posts. Fasten each area on the posts, again keeping the front bar open.

Step 5

It’s time to add the lights. There are hundreds of different lights to choose from. You can also use the plastic candle holders. Whatever holders or lights you use, try to make them as colorful as possible. As you build a tiki bar, use the fishing line to string the holders along the tree branches.

Step 6

For the finishing touches, decorate the bar with tiki mugs, figurines, flowers, the whole works. You can get a lot of this stuff at novelty or specialty shops. Don’t forget to decorate the tarpaulin with Hawaiian colors and images.

Try to get your hands on anything and everything Hawaiian and put them around the bar. For authentic Hawaiian style dining, prepare lots of salty food and snacks on coconut cups and wood bowls. The only limits are imposed by your imagination.

Tips and Warnings

Check all the wirings to make sure they’re set up properly. Test all the lights first before turning them on full blast.

After you build a tiki bar, you can call up your friends and enjoy a nice evening of fun, food and drinks, Hawaiian style.

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