How to Build a Swimming Pool

To build a swimming pool, you need to first excavate the chosen site. You must also put a 3 x 8 cement pad around the area you dug out.

Required Tools and Materials

Tile or other finishing material
Steel rebar
Metal mesh fabric
Plumb line
Besser bricks
2-by-4 pieces of lumber

Step 1

Put the Besser blocks on the cement pad you made. Make lengthwise boundaries with 2 x 4s.

Step 2

Use the trowel to set mortar on the cement pad, a section at a time. Put a layer of 20.45 Besser blocks. Be certain the blocks make contact on the sides. Do not put mortar between the pieces. Use a string to ensure they are straight. The alignment is crucial when you build a swimming pool.

Step 3

Add another row but use 20.48 blocks. Put 20.21 blocks on the corners. Remove the corner blocks’ ends close to the wall it will complete. The bed joints have to be mortared.

Step 4

Add more blocks, making sure to put mortar on top of the previous row. Remove any excess mortar you see.

Step 5

Put the top course on. Use the 20.62 blocks. Set them on the bricks’ open sides. They must face out. Use adhesive to stick the 20.62 bricks on the 20.48 blocks. Put the glue between the top row blocks. Leave a couple of blocks at the pool’s end.

Step 6

Install the filter pipe and drain piping. Tell the plumber not to install the pipes inside the brick walls but under it outside.

Step 7

Put 3 inch thick gravel at the pool’s bottom. Cut a plastic vapor barrier to size. Set this on the gravel. Put metal mesh enforcement on top of it.

Step 8

Set an L shaped rebar starter bar within the wall. One end should be in the wall and the other on the mesh. Set the steel rebar so it will go beyond the wall’s base. If necessary, get some advice from an expert.

Step 9

Get a cement truck to put cement in the pool flooring. Make sure the Besser base course is filled up. Ask the cement technicians to finish the cement too. Ensure there are no cavities.Add This is very important and must not be overlooked.

Once the cement is dry, you can tile or paint the structure. Let the paint dry and then you can fill it up with water. And that is how you can build a swimming pool for your home.

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