How to Build a Subwoofer Box

It should be stressed that it takes effort to build a subwoofer box. But if you have the patience, you’ll be able to make one.

Required Tools and Materials

Lacquer paint
Wood glue
MDF or other wood
80 grit sandpaper

Step 1

Start by making the subwoofer insert. MDF is the most suitable wood because it is durable and inexpensive. Create the enclosure according to the volume specs. Next you should determine where the subwoofer will be aimed. This will hinge on what type of speaker you have. It will also depend on how you want it to sound.

Step 2

Before you continue to build a subwoofer box, position it with dowels. Slice and stick them. This will keep the speaker in place. This does not have to be precise. You just have to keep them there until the resin layer has dried.

Step 3

Put the enclosure in fleece. Ensure it is wrapped on the enclosure. Now you can put resin on the fabric. This will soak the resin. This will give you an idea of what the fiberglass box will look like.

Step 4

Combine the resin so there are layers of mat. This is akin to the boat hull. Put on three resin mats until the box is strong enough. Ensure that it is able to sustain the weight.

Step 5

The next stop is to sand the whole box. Make sure to apply auto body filler before sanding the unit again. Put a few coats of auto body filler and sand after each coating. Keep repeating this until the fiberglass surface has been smoothed out.

Step 6

Take out any dowels that are loose. Now you can install the subwoofer. The last step is to paint the subwoofer. You can also apply carpet on the subwoofer.

If you are going to paint, it is important you apply some primer first. After you apply the primer, you can paint it. For this project, you can apply some lacquer paint.

Tips and Warnings

It is a good idea to keep the tools in paint thinner in-between resin paints. This will make the tools easier to use. The drying time will depend on the paint you use.

If you are going to build a subwoofer box, remember that you can use different kinds of enclosure. But in most cases, fiberglass is the best choice. If you are making the subwoofer for your car, make sure it doesn’t have any leaks. Seal it to be sure.

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