How to Build a Sub Box

How to Build a Sub Box

A sub box, or subwoofer box, can be easily bought in shops. This is available in different styles such as the bandpass style, sealed, or ported. But not all people would want to make a purchase – either to save more or learn the joys of learning how to build a sub box on their own.

For a personal project in learning how to build a sub box, most do-it-yourself enthusiasts choose to create the sealed version. Perhaps, it can be inferred that this type is easier to build. It commonly uses either a square or rectangular box – using silicone to seal the seams.

The First Steps to Learn

To do this, you must never overlook the importance of consulting with your trusted manufacturer or retailer. You must do this before you start creating your project. You have to consult with those experts. They can help you determine if you have the proper dimensions of the enclosure you will buy. Typically, a good measurement would be around ¾ inches in thickness for the particle board.

Working Piece by Piece

Make your pattern. A pencil and tape measure should be helpful in measuring and preparing your project. Trace the patterns of the enclosure. Do this on the particle board. You need to trace out the six sides of the sub box, and also a divider in the center to separate the speakers.

Cut these patterns out with a jigsaw.

Once you’re done, you are now ready to trace the outer and inner portions using a grille cover.

Now, take a router and set it for a 3/8 inch cutting depth. Route the areas between the outer and inner circle you traced awhile ago. Jigsaw that pattern.

After that, you may now drill a hole using a large drill bit. That will be where you will use the jigsaw again to cut holes for your speakers.

Proceed with cutting round holes in both of the side panels. Be sure that these are around 2 inches in size. You will use connectors later for the speaker wires that you will insert in the holes.

Next, use screws and assemble the box. Use a silicone to seal the sides. You should remember to leave the front panel off the box.

To seal it, spray glue on the box. Spray it on the outer portions and the carpet’s back. Then, wrap the carpet on the box.

Put carpet to the top panel of the box where you choose to put the speakers in.

Now get a razor blade and cut patterns into the carpet. You may cut in vertical, angled, or horizontal lines – making a sort of star pattern. Cut out the carpet’s portion that is covering the connector holes. Place the connectors in. Then, screw the connectors and seal them.

You may now solder the speaker wire to each connector and speaker – connecting the positive wire to the positive lead, and the negative points to the negative lead.

Place the front panel and seal.

Put the speaker in the star pattern. And install this in your car. And that’s how to build a sub box!