How to Build a Stone Outdoor Fireplace

How to Build a Stone Outdoor Fireplace

If you want to build a stone outdoor fireplace, you’ll need to prepare some equipment. Fortunately, these are obtainable in most home improvement stores. Some of them you probably have lying around the garden already.

Required Tools and Materials

Stone blocks
Outdoor stone fireplace kit (you can get these in home improvement shops)

Step 1: Find the Right Location

The right location is one that is a safe distance from tree branches. Do not put the fireplace near buildings either.

Step 2: Prepare the Outdoor Fireplace Kit

Unpack the kit and assemble it if needed. The instructions will vary depending on the product. To build a stone outdoor fireplace, follow the instructions for the circular fireplace diameter. Mark this figure on the ground with the string and stake.

Step 3: Digging the Area

Dig a foot deep in the area you marked. Pour 4 inches of gravel into the hole. Flatten it. Pour 4 inches of sand over the gravel. This will be the foundation of the blocks so it needs to be flattened.

Step 4: Putting in the Blocks

Add the first layer of blocks. They should be arranged so that they are in the middle of the area. This aspect is very important when you build a stone outdoor fireplace, so use a level to ascertain they’re aligned correctly.

Now add the second layer of stone blocks. Overlap the blocks. What this means is that the edges of the blocks fall in the middle parts of the first blocks. Leave a small gap between each block. This improves airflow. It also helps the fire burn more effectively.

Step 5: Adding More Gravel and Blocks

Pour another 6 inches of gravel in the pit. Add more stone blocks. The height will depend on the fireplace kit you have. Add about 3 inches of gravel on the outside of the fireplace.

When you build a stone outdoor fireplace, this layer should be set outside the fireplace and near the first layer of stones. When you’re done, you can test the fireplace and light the fire. If you built it right, the fire should light.

Tips and Warnings

To ascertain the stones are perpendicular, put a weighted string on the outer edge of the stone. Never use stones from rivers and streams. Only dry stones can be used. Stones from water based sources may explode due to intense heat. This could lead to injury. The size of the stone blocks you use will vary. Refer to your fireplace user guide for any information on the stones to use.

Make sure you thoroughly test the fireplace before using it. Look for any defects in the structure. When the fire is lighted, make sure no one gets too close to the fire. When dealing with fire, it’s important you take all the necessary precautions.

Follow any instructions for the fireplace kit you bought. This is the simplest way to build a stone outdoor fireplace and avoid any complications.