How to Build a Small Patio Garden

All you need is a little space to build a small patio garden. Unlike full grown gardens, you only need a few things to get this plot ready.

Required Tools and Materials

Wood scrap
Plants and pots

Step 1

Go to your patio and determine how much sun it is getting. All plants need adequate sunlight. You also need to look at the shade; you don’t want the plants to dry up due to too much heat.

Step 2

Consider the look of the patio itself. Dark colors are ideal for small patios because they can make the area seem bigger. If the patio is part of a larger section, you might want to paint it white.

Step 3

To build a small patio garden, you can use wood scrap for the box. If you don’t have an old wood box, you can make one. Cut some wood boards to make the sides and the bottom. Fill them with compost and plant the seeds. You can also use pots for the plants and flowers. The final step is to arrange the pots as you like.

Getting Plants and Pots

If you have experience cultivating a garden you’ll know just what types of plants and flowers to put in. if not, go to the nursery near you. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Some plants are more suited to grow in certain places than others.

If you have the know-how you can probably grow any type of plant. But for beginners, it’s best to start with plants that grow naturally in your region.

Design Considerations

When you build a small patio garden, you can choose practically any pot. For aesthetic purposes, get pots that match together. Flower pots today come in different sizes and colors. Just make sure the pots will be large enough to accommodate the plants when they start to grow.

Composite foam pots are not as costly as ceramic pots, but they’re just as attractive. More importantly, they’re not as easy to break. You can use other container types but try to give it a consistent look. Mismatched pots are not attractive.

Keep the lighting and shade in mind when you arrange the plants; some species need more light while others require more shade.

Tips and Warnings

Research is very important for those who build a small patio garden. Different plants require different cultivation methods. Learn as much as you can about the plants you’re planning to grow.

However there are a few general rules to keep in mind. Unless the plant specifically requires it, the soil only needs to be kept moist, not totally soaked. You can use a liquid fertilizer. A slow release fertilizer is recommended for most plants.

Do not put on fertilizer every time you water. Study the fertilizer requirements for each plant first. When cultivating edible plants, you should only eat the fruits and veggies. Do not consume any other part.
After you build a small patio garden, you’ll need to maintain it. As long as you care for the plants, you’ll have a nice little garden.

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