How to Build a Shower Pan

You don’t have to be an expert to build a shower pan. Using this guide, you will realize that creating one is not as complicated as it seems.

Required Tools and Materials

Utility knife
Deck mud
Shower pan liner
Wheel barrel
Mortar mix
Latex additive
Drain assembly
Staple gun
Wire mesh
Roofing felt
Circular saw
3/4-inch plywood

Step 1

Put the plywood atop the 2 x 10 joists. Cut the plywood to the desired flooring size. For example, you can make it 4 x 4 ft. Ensure there is a hole in the middle of the plywood. This is for drainage purposes.

Step 2

Cover the plywood flooring with slip sheet. Besides the roofing felt you can use plastic garbage bags too. Put wire mesh on top of the slip sheet. If you are going to build a shower pan, use the staple gun to attach the mesh and slip sheet on.

Step 3

Next you have to put the flange of the clamping drain assembly together. This will vary per product. Follow the directions.

Step 4

Get a bag of mortar and pour the latex additive in it. Mix this with the shovel and wheelbarrow. Do not use water instead of latex additive.

Step 5

Put the mortar onto the shower bed using the shovel. Add enough so it is 1 1/2 inches around the outer perimeter. Make a slope pointed towards the drain. This means the shower pan moisture will go in the drain. Pack the mortar in tight. Let the mortar dry for 24 hours.

Step 6

Place the shower liner on the mortar bed. Drape the sidewalls by a foot. Fold the extra liner on the corners. Staple the highest liner’s point via the stud. Fold the liner and staple it.

Step 7

Cut a hole in the liner’s center.

Step 8

Put deck mud around the area. Make sure the pan slope is not disturbed. Use the trowel to pack the mud in. Do not put any on the drain hole. To make sure application is even, use a level. This will be the ultimate layer of the pan. For this reason, you must be certain it is smooth and flat. Go over the layers carefully.

Tips and Warnings

Be careful when layering the shower pan. It must be set in properly; otherwise the result will be unsatisfactory.

The time it takes to build a shower pan will vary. But the point is you can have a custom made pan done on your own.

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