How to Build a Shed Ramp

 The following instructions will show you how to build a shed ramp. This project requires experience in using carpentry tools although nothing too advanced as this is not a difficult project. 


Required Materials and Tools

1 8-ft 1 x 4
1 8-ft 4 x 8, 3/4-inch plywood
4 8-ft 2 x 4s
2 8-ft 4 x 8, 3/8-inch plywood
4 to 6 lbs. 2 1/2-inch wood screws
Radial saw
1 4 x 8 sheet, Masonite or Skatelite (optional)
Measuring tape
Power drill with screwdriver bit
Step 1
Decide on the height of the ramp. Use the tape measure and gauge the height from the ground to the surface of the shed entrance door. 
Step 2
Using the chalk, draw the sides on the 3/4-inch sheet plywood sheet. Commence by measuring the plywood’s long edge. Put the mark at six feet. This is the ramp’s bottom. 
Step 3
Utilize the T-square to gauge the height required for the ramp over the mark you made. Set another mark there. Make a line beginning from that mark to the plywood’s corner. You will end up with a triangle. 
Step 4 
Chop the triangle from the plywood using the saw. This is the first ramp side. Using this side, trace the shape on another plywood sheet and cut it. That will be the other side. 
Step 5
Saw the 1 x 4 so you get a couple of 4 ft pieces. Beginning from the bottom, create marks per every 8 inches by the sides’ slope. Fasten the two pieces by the first couple of marks you made. 
You should use two screws for both sides. When you build a shed ramp, you must position the joists by the ramp’s front. It should be set flush to the ground and in a horizontal manner. 
Step 6
Saw the 2 x 4s into eight 4 ft wood pieces. Next, you must screw the pieces on the sides. Fasten two screws for each side. This should be set at every other mark. These joists are the supporting members of the structure. 
They will be from side to side going to the middle of the ramp. Put in another 2 x 4 joist at the ramp’s bottom, specifically the back corner. 
Step 7
Gauge 6 ft along the 8 ft edge of the 3/8 sheet and create a mark. Make another mark on the other side. Make a line along these marks. 
Step 8
Cut along the line. Place on the second sheet and saw it. Add the Skatelite or Masonite now if you want. Fasten the plywood sheets on the ramp. 
Position the first sheet above the structure. Fasten the sheet to the joists. Put the second sheet on. Place on the final Skatelite sheet. 

Tips and Warnings 

Always wear goggles and gloves when cutting wood. Take the measurements twice so you don’t make mistakes. 
If you are just trying to learn how build a shed ramp, you should take your time. If necessary, get an assistant to help you. Getting some help will definitely expedite the process. 


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