How to Build a Rock Climbing Wall

How to Build a Rock Climbing Wall

Before you build a rock climbing wall for kids, think of the child’s age and ability. Make sure the walls are suited to it.

Required Tools and Materials

Two pieces of plywood
Different handholds
Decking screws
2 x 4 x 8’ long lumber (eight pieces)
Handhold hardware
UV guard
Drill (with bits)
Skill saw

Step 1

Think of where you want the rock climbing wall to be. You can put it in the kids’ room, the garage, the yard etc. To make things easier, set the wall on pre-built structure.

Step 2

Create a box using four 2 x 4s; fasten the corners with the screws. If you’re going to build a rock climbing wall, you need to put 2 x 4s every couple of feet in the box. Screw these in place.

Step 3

Set the wall on the preexisting structure (i.e., the garage wall). Put a couple of plywood sheets over it.

How to Make a Free Standing Wall

The required tools and materials are the same as in the above project but the method is slightly different.

Step 1

Saw four 2 x 4s so you have four pieces 4 ft long each. Cut some more 2 x 4s so you end up with a couple of 16 inch wood pieces and a couple of 32 inch wood bards.

Step 2

Screw two 4 ft boards to the 16 inch boards. You will end up with a rectangle. To build a rock climbing wall, repeat the procedure for the other wood boards. You now have a top (the one you made earlier) and a bottom.

Step 3

Cut four more 2 x 4s 4 ft long. To make the upright posts, fasten these to the bottom box you just made. Make sure you attach them to the inner and outer section of the 32 inch boards.

Step 4

Make a couple more 2 x 4 x 4’ long boards. Put an angle on them. These are the angled boards. Fasten them to the bottom and top boxes with the screws. Now you can put the decking, hardware and other features to finish off the wall.

Notes about the Holds

Of course the handholds are as important as the materials you use to build a rock climbing wall. There are many types sold in stores. Look for those that suit the kids best. If they are new to rock climbing, buy holds meant for beginners. Some pieces also come with novelty accessories.

Tips and Warnings

Make sure you get quality rope for the kids. For small kids, the cotton rope is most suitable. As the child gets older, you can try other types of ropes.

Make sure the screws are secured tightly before allowing the kids to use them. If the wall is free standing, make certain the foundation is strong. Inspect the handholds for any defects before letting the kids use them.

By learning to build a rock climbing wall, you give the kids not just another plaything. It will also strengthen their bodies and give them self confidence.