How to Build a Racing Lawnmower

How to Build a Racing Lawnmower

Instead of shelling money to buy a go cart, you can build a racing lawnmower and save on money. It’s easy to do and it’s also a lot of fun.

Required Tools and Materials

Muffler (optional)

Replace the Pulleys

Before anything else, you need to turn off the machine. Turn the mower on its back and look for the dry belt. Unclasp it from the pulley. Now get one of the wrenches. Take out the bolt and the pulley.

Replace it with a smaller pulley. With the smaller pulley, you’ll get more speed out of the machine. Take a look at the belt. These are subject to wear and tear.

If needed, get new ones. When you are trying to build a racing lawnmower, having quality components is necessary. Put the new pulley in place and secure it with the bolts. Put the belt back on.

Change the Muffler

This is optional. To determine if it needs replacing, look for any holes. Even a single hole will lead to slowdown in speed. If there’s a hole, you should get a new one. Also clean out any dirt. This helps the lawnmower go faster too.

Unclasp the Governors

This is the component that maintains the speed. This will be at the carburetor. Just unfasten it. If it’s not there, then the machine has two or more governors. Check the gas feed and the throttle. They will be there. Unclasp it. By taking these off, you can now build a racing lawnmower for speed.

Check the Tires    

If the machine is in good condition you probably don’t need to replace the tires. But if you are going to race in unusual terrain like mud, you must. You should get a tire with ruts to cope with the surface.

Some also like to use larger tires. Before you purchase new ones, check the structure to ensure that it will fit. The same is true with smaller tires.


When you have made all the changes, it’s time to take it for a test drive. See if you can feel any loose screws or problems with the tires. When it’s ready, you can go racing. Also check how it handles curves and other rough spots. Make the adjustments to the tires if needed.

Tips and Warnings

Before you build a racing lawnmower, check the overall condition first. Don’t attempt to go racing if there are problems with the carburetor or other parts. Replace them if needed.

You can paint the lawnmower any color you like. If you’ll be racing with others, consider adding a number to it. You can also inspect other racing lawnmowers for some ideas. Take a few ideas here and there, and make them your own. Be careful you don’t spill any paint on the mechanical parts. While getting up to speed is critical, you should never overlook the safety aspects.

If you’re tired of mowing lawn, then it’s time you build a racing lawnmower. It’s not as expensive as getting a race car and just as fun.