How to Build a Race Car

So you’ve finally decided that your need for speed can only be satisfied if you have your own racing car. Trouble is, you don’t know how and where to begin.

Buying supped-up cars for racing can have a pretty steep price tag but this doesn’t mean that you should simply let your dreams of owning a race car go down the drain.

With a bit of patience, determination and loads of research; you might just get your own race car sooner than you dreamed of.

How to Build a Race Car

1. Choose your car. Before you draw up a plan for your dream race car, you must first decide exactly what type of racing car you want. Car racing falls into several different categories: Rally, Tour Racing, Stock Car Racing, Drag Racing and Off-Road.; to name a few.

2. Permits and licenses. The next step is to get the necessary permits to build, own and drive a race car. You should know that there are special specs for each type of race car and you should know these to be able to build your dream race car within the legal specifications.

3. Research. You should also do research work on the type of race car that you want so you will be able to get a clearer picture of how it should run and perform as well as learn all about safety measures that you need to put in place.

4. Build it. Once you have done all the groundwork for building your race car, the next step is building it.

What you will need is a stock car that is in good running condition. To give your engine the right horsepower specific to your type of race car, you may want to seek the help of a professional who has worked on race cars before.

Since you will need your car to be as lightweight as possible, you should take out the rear seats, passenger seat – if it is a one-seater race car that you want – and anything else that makes your car heavier than necessary.

Always refer back to the specs intended for the type of race car that you want so you will be stripping it down and modifying it based on what has been legally approved.

Install racing essentials such as the right seat, tires, roll cage and safety harness. Once you have the interiors and the engine modified; the final stage is designing the body of your race car. Spray chrome paint and design according to how you want your car to look.

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