How to Build a Pyramid

The Egyptians took many years to build a pyramid. But armed with the right tools and methods, you can make one or several much more quickly.

Required Tools and Materials

Manuscript practice board
Clay or other building material
Paint (optional)

Mold the Clay

In this example the pyramid will be 6 inches high. Of course you can make it any height you want. The number of pyramids you can make depends on the amount of clay / building material you have. Mold the clay into a pyramid shape. Put some glue on the practice board. Put the pyramid there. Now you just repeat the process for the other pyramids.

Adding Chambers

If you want to build a pyramid with chambers, the process is a bit different; you need to build the chambers first. Mold the clay into rectangles or any shape you want. Put them on the practice board. Now mold the clay into a pyramid shape. Make certain the structure is large enough to hold all the chambers you built.

If you want to see the chambers, keep the pyramid’s top open. After you make an open top pyramid, put it around the chamber you made. Now mold some clay into a smaller pyramid. This can serve as the roof of the open pyramid.

Note: the ruler can be used to align the chambers and the pyramids. Use the ruler to build a pyramid and align them precisely along any line you wish. The real pyramids have a sandy color but you can paint them any color you want. You can also add some texture to it by gluing some sand on the pyramid’s sides.

How to Construct a Large Pyramid

If you want something larger, you can try the following method.

Required Tools and Materials

Milk crates or cement blocks
Concrete mixture
Compass (optional)
Digging tools and / or heavy machinery


Choose a site that is level. Decide on the pyramid’s height, width and depth. Get the amount of materials needed to make the pyramid. Dig a hole. Pour the concrete mix (6”). Add the rebar. If you are going to build a pyramid using crates, fill it with sand. You can also use cement blocks or even bricks.

Put the building blocks in place. Depending on the block’s size, you can either lift the blocks by hand or machinery will be required. The blocks on the Great Pyramid weigh 2.5 tons each.

If your pyramid is large, double check the measurements. A single misaligned block might cause the entire structure to collapse. The Great Pyramid is oriented towards the cardinal points. Use a compass if you want yours directed at the cardinal points too.

Note: making a large pyramid may require permission from the local government or homeowners’ association.

Whether you build a pyramid for your desk or on a larger sale, some planning is needed. However, it won’t take you 20 years, which is according to Egyptologists how long it took for the Great Pyramid to be constructed.

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