How to Build a Pool Deck

To build a pool deck, you should get the Build a Pool Deckdimensions of the pool first. It will make it easier to obtain the proper materials.

Required Tools and Materials

2 x 4 inch boards
2 x 6 inch boards
4 x 4 inch posts
2 x 6 inch joists
Concrete mix
2 inch screws
2 ½ inch screws
Lag bolts
Stair stringers
5 x 6 deck boards

Step 1

Mark the area where the stairs will make contact with the ground. Although you can make stringers, it’s much faster and easier to use pre-built ones. Look for a set that is as close to your pool height as possible.

Step 2

Get the lumber and make the under frame. To build a pool deck, the under frame needs to be a little lower than the pool’s height. This is to accommodate the deck boards.

Step 3

Mark the area for posts. Dig 2 ft holes and pour concrete in it. Set the 4 x 4 posts and make sure they’re vertically aligned. Use 2 x 4 inch “X” posts as braces. Fasten them with screws and bolts. Let the cement dry.

Step 4

For the joists, you can use the 2 x 6 boards. Nail the joists in place. Get the wood boards to be used as the deck boards. Nail them using bolts and screws. Make sure to lay the boards in the proper location.

Step 5

The next step to build a pool deck is to connect the deck boards to the stair runners. You can use coated screws or steel. However you need to make sure they are long enough to penetrate the deck and the stairs. If necessary, trim the deck boards if they are too big.

Step 6

Connect a top post on the handrails. When you install the pickets they shouldn’t be more than 3 inches apart. Decide if you want the bottom enclosed or not. if you want to enclose it, you can buy a pre-built fence panel. These are available in stores. Get one that fits the dimensions of your pool deck.

Tips and Warnings

When you build a pool deck, the measurements are very important. This will be necessary so you can get the proper number of wood boards. However, it’s still a good idea to get an extra amount of wood boards. In case you make a mistake when cutting the boards, you’ll have some reserve wood boards.

If you have the time you can probably do this task by yourself. But if the pool deck is large, consider getting a helping hand. Make sure you know how the tools are used before you try them out. When construction is finished, sweep the area so no screws are left behind.

There are many types of lumber available; look at different shops to get an idea of the different prices.

After you build a pool deck, you should inspect for any loose screws and bolts. If everything is okay, you can start using it.

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