How to Build a Pole Barn

How to Build a Pole Barn

A staple in many farms and agricultural lands, the pole barn is ideal for storing various farming and agricultural equipment. Building a pole barn is much easier than frame barns, and the task can be accomplished with basic building tools.

Required Tools and Materials

Roofing nails
Storm clips
Straight nails
Roof trusses
Digging equipment
Tin roofing sections

Step 1

Choose an area that is flat. It should have good drainage.

Step 2

Design the pole barn on paper. If you are utilizing commercial lumber, make the barn in 8 foot parts. The 8 ft woods are cheap. For the frames, use 2 x 4 boards. For the roof stringers, use 2 x 6 inch boards.

Step 3

Use your digging tool to excavate holes for the posts. Distribute the holes so the barn corners are set at 90 degrees. Put a stake in the middle of each dug hole.

Step 4

Pour the concrete in the holes you dug up. Put in six inches of gravel in the hole. When building a pole barn, this step is important. The gravel will be used for drainage. Pack in the gravel.

Step 5

Stand the poles up. When the poles are upright, brace them. Secure them into position. Make sure that the poles are aligned properly.

Step 6

Fasten the stringers on the poles. Fasten them properly as they will have to support the trusses and the roof.

Step 7

Add the roof trusses. Support the trusses with the braces or rope. Next you have to nail the purlins. These are comprised of 2 x 4s fastened on the stringers’ outer edge. These are used to support the truss weight.

Step 8

Use the screw-in roofing nails to nail the tin roof. The roofing sections should be overlapped so installation is easier. Caulk the overlapping sections. You should utilize a tin ridge cap on the roof’s peak.

Step 9

Add the walls to the barn. Use plywood for the walls. The bracing will be the 2 x 4s. Not all pole barns require walls though.

Tips and Warnings

You can put some storm clips on the pole barn to make it stronger. The roof trusses can be purchased in hardware stores, military suppliers and lumberyards. The prices will vary though.

Just like with any other DIY project, building a pole barn involves the use of cutting tools. Make sure that you exercise caution when using these tools. Wear eye goggles and gloves to protect yourself.