How to Build a Playhouse

How to Build a Playhouse

This playhouse project will need about a week to complete. You can build a playhouse alone, but it will be much quicker if you get other people to help you.

Required Tools and Materials

Wood screws
Treated lumber (2 x 6 and other sizes)
Roofing felt
Galvanized nails

Step 1

Decide where the playhouse will be built. Make sure the playhouse can be accessed easily. Also be certain the area is large enough for the playhouse you want to build.

Step 2

Remove any debris around the area. Make certain the site is clear before you start the construction.

Step 3

Use the 2 x 6 planks to make the frame. Ascertain that it is level and square. This is necessary to support the structure.

Step 4

Join the frame to the plywood by using the wood screws. Add as many as necessary.

Step 5

Get the 2 x 4s. Cut them to size and create the walls. To build a playhouse properly, make sure that the walls are built flat on the surface. Set the walls upright when they are finished.

Use the galvanized nails to secure them to the frame. Start with the back wall. Nail the middle back rim joist. Put some 2x 4s across the walls’ top corners. This will secure the structure.

Step 6

The next step is to frame the front and windows.

Step 7

Get the ½ inch plywood and use it for the wall sheathing. You can also use a tongue for the same purpose. You can make the roof using the rafters. Once they are in place, you can put in the shingles along with the felt backing.

Step 8

You can now install the doors and windows. You can use prefabricated materials or cut them out yourself. Once in position, secure them with galvanized nails and caulk.

Step 9

Paint the playhouse. Apply the paint in smooth, even strokes. After
the first coat dries, you can apply another. You can put another coating on if you like.

Tips and Warnings

If you want to add electricity, you will need to add power outlets and wiring to the place. Consult or hire an electrician if you don’t know how to set it up. You also need to do a plumbing job to add water.

You can also build a playhouse using pre-fabricated kits. You can also use a shed as the foundation. This will allow you to just focus on the decorations and the paint job.