How to Build a Pedal Board

Musicians use a pedal board to transport guitar and bass effects pedals. Many of the pedals cost hundreds of dollars, but you can easily build a pedal board at home.

Required Tools and Materials

Patch cables
Staple gun
Pedal board power supply
Duct tape
Roll of Velcro
Plywood board

Step 1

Position the power supply and the effects pedals in the desired manner. If you have several pedals, you can arrange them in different rows. You can also have them set up in a single row.

Step 2

Use the patch cables to join the pedals. It is best to use short cables. They don’t take up a lot of space and they are readily available.

Step 3

To build a pedal board, you have to determine the pedal board size. You can do this by getting the size of the arrangement. It’s a good idea to get a plywood and cut it to size. Make sure the plywood is
strong but has a light weight. Get one that is ¼ to ½ inches thick.

Step 4

Use the sandpaper to smooth the edges out. Remove the sawdust or wipe them away. Put some duct tape covering on the edges and the bottom of the board. Place the tape lengthwise along it. The tape will keep the board from scratching the flooring.

Step 5

Put some loop Velcro on the top of the board. The loop is the softer portion of the Velcro. If the Velcro does not stick, use a staple gun to keep it in place.

Step 6

Apply the Velcro’s rougher half on the effects pedals’ underside. Stick it on the power supply also. Connect this on the pedal in the arrangement you like.

Step 7

Link the pedals on the power supply. Plug in the power supply. Hook up the bass, guitar and amp. Now you can begin playing.

Step 8

After you are finished playing, take the plug off the power supply.

Tips and Warnings

You can also use a briefcase rather than a wood board. However, this will also depend on the way the pedal is arrangement. Ensure the power supply works with all the pedals. If it is not, you may experience some problems or difficulties.

The instructions shown above indicate how easy it is to build a pedal board. However, you need to be sure about the dimensions. Also make certain the Velcro is attached to the device. Check the power supply too before using it.

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