How to Build a Patio

Having a patio gives you a nice place to entertain guests, and it will also enhance the appearance of your yard. This guide will show you how to build a patio. Here you will make a round patio with bricks.

Required Tools and Materials

2×4 board or rake
Flexible landscape edging
Crushed gravel
Plate compactor
Sod cutter
Spray paint
Bricks (some cut in half and others full size)

Step 1

Start by choosing a site for the patio. When you find a site, do a dry run using the bricks. Commence with center half bricks and make a circular pattern in an outward direction.

Put up a few brick rows, and add some full sized bricks for the rest of the structure. Use spray paint or patio to mark the spots where the patio has to be excavated.

Step 2

Before you learn how to build a patio, remove the grass on the marked areas with a sod cutter. Shovel out the dirt after the grass has been removed. The area you dig you should be 9 inches deep. Use the plate compactor to tamp the area.

Step 3

The next step is to put down 5 inches of gravel in the area. Use the plate compactor to compact it.

Step 4

The next step is to add flexible landscape edging. You can use plastic or metal edging. Just make sure that it is pliable enough to go around the circular patio. The installation constructions will vary per product; follow the directions in the product guide.

Step 5

Get the sand. Lay down an inch of it in the chosen patio area. Compact the sand with the plate compactor. Next, you have to level the sand. You can do this using a rake or 2 x 4.

Step 6

Install the bricks. Start in the middle, using the ½ bricks. Slowly move outwards up to the patio’s edge. Firmly set the bricks onto the sand.

Step 7

Get the broom. Use it to put sand in-between the brick joints.

Tips and Warnings

Before you start building, mark the area for the patio first. This will help you determine how many bricks are required for the patio. To be on the safe side, buy about 10% more than what is needed. In case you make errors, there will be more bricks to use.

You can learn how to build a patio anytime, but it is best to work when there is no threat of rain. If you are making a large patio, get some help.

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