How To Build A Patio Cover

To build a patio cover, you’ll need the help of Build A Patio Coverat least one individual. Having more people to assist will make things even easier.

Required Tools and Materials

Masonry or lumber
Nails, screws and bolts
Drill bit
Tape measure
Pencils (heavy type)
Metal snips
Cover material (fabric,tarp,glass etc)


It is easier to make a patio if it’s attached to the house; this means fewer support structures will be needed. If it’s the standalone type, you’ll need more material. The dimensions will depend on the patio you have. When you have the figures, you can purchase the necessary materials.

Create the Supports and Beam

In this example, wood will be used (when you build a patio cover, cement blocks can be used instead). Place them in the desired location. Align and nail them. If you’re using wood, sand them first. Measure and cut the support beam (example: 2 x 12).

Have someone help you place it by the roofline. Mark the rafters about 2 ft at the centerline. Modify the tails and rafters based on the appearance of the roof pitch. Installing the rafters is next (you’ll need some assistance here too).

Putting the Metal Screen in Place

Use the drill to make holes per 3 rafters (half an inch in diameter). Install the metal screen. Add the roof decking. The decking here is 5/8 in; yours may be different.

Continue to build a patio cover by adding the flashing between the patio and the roofline. Grab the tarp paper and install it. The tarp paper should hang out by 6”. Layering should begin from the bottom. An overlap on both sides is needed.

Installing the Shingles

As with the tarp, you add the shingles from the bottom and work your way up. Follow the instructions that came with the shingles package you bought. Install the roof jack when you get to the roofline (2 ft). When it’s installed, you can add the sheathing. Boards may be layered over the structure after the sheathing is installed.

Tips and Warnings

Do not attempt to build a patio cover without assistance. You’ll need help as you work on the rafters. You will also need help when putting on the shingles. Do not attempt to install a patio cover during the rainy season. This job is best done in the morning; the late afternoon sun will make working on the roof harder.

Wear gloves during the construction process. Nevertheless, make sure cotton, bandages etc are nearby in case you get wounds or scrapes. Do not attempt to carry large pieces of food or masonry by yourself.

Aside from the right equipment, planning is necessary. Make sure all the equipment you need are there before you begin. Bring more than the required nuts and bolts in case you lose some.

No question about it, trying to build a patio cover can be time consuming. But all the hard work will pay off. When you’re done, give yourself and your friends a pat on the back.

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