How to Build a Patio Cover

There are many ways to build a patio cover, as they can come in many forms. The following are instructions on how to make a patio cover that is detached. Detached patio covers have their own supports not connected to the house.

Required Tools and Materials

1 inch by 8 foot ship lap plywood
16 penny nails
2 inch by 6 inch by 12 foot rafters
4 inch by 8 inch posts
½ inch bolts
5/8 inch drill bit
4 inch by 4 inch posts
4 post caps
4 post anchors

Step 1

Make a hole a foot deep on the patio’s four corners. Put the 4 x 4 post anchor into the holes you dug up. Put some cement into the holes. Allow the cement time to dry. Overnight should be enough.

Step 2

Connect a 4 x 4 post on the post anchors. Use the drill to make holes on the posts’ sides. The holes should measure 5/8 inch. Put in 1/2 bolts. This will keep the posts and anchors together.

Step 3

Continue to build a patio cover by drilling holes on the posts’ top. Put a 4 x 4 post cap on the posts. Secure them with bolts measuring half an inch.

Step 4

Now fasten the 4 x 8 post cap to the cap on the other side. Fasten another 4 x 8 at the other side. This one has to be parallel to the first. Make 5/8 inch holes into the posts. Fasten them on the caps
using the bolts.

Step 5

Put down the 2 x 6 x 12 ft rafter boards in place. Put them every sixteen inches in middle. Make sure they are perpendicular to the starting posts. Rest the rafters’ ends on the 2 x 8 posts. Hammer in the 16 penny nails. These should be nailed at angles, a couple on the side.

Step 6

Put the 1 x 8 ship lap plywood over the rafters. Put an 8 penny nail in the plywood. Nail it into the rafters. Put nails on every foot (12 inches).

Tips and Warnings

You don’t have to put the posts at the anchors. However, this is usually done to keep the posts from rotting. Use the drill with caution. Make sure you take the measurements twice to avoid mistakes. This is very important, so do not forget to do it.

Put on safety glasses before you start to build a patio cover. This will protect your eyes from the wood splinters.

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