How to Build a Own Wall Fountains

How to Build a Own Wall Fountains

All it takes to give your home that natural touch is to build a wall fountain. Begin by determining the dimensions of your fountain. Next, prepare the following stuff.

Required Tools and Materials

Sheet of marine plywood (3/4” thick)
Wood sealer
Rectangular concrete planter
Concrete seal
Fountain pump
Drill with drill bit
Decking screws
Waterproof adhesive
Furring strips
Exterior stain
Slate tiles (3/8” thick)
Plumber’s putty
Plastic tubing
Tile cutter

Step 1

After getting the plywood dimensions, cut the plywood to the required lengths. If you’d rather not cut a lot of the slate lines, adjust the dimensions so you can put full sized tiles vertically and horizontally on the plywood’s side. To build a wall fountain though, you need to make an opening for the plastic tubing.

Step 2

Drill a hole in the middle of the tubing; this is where the tubing will go through. Position the hole so you can nip a corner of the four linked tiles. Set the water flow vertically between the middle and top of the plywood.

Step 3

Connect the furring strips on the back of the plywood. This will allow you to put the fountain on the wall. It will also leave room for the tubing. Leave a gap in the center so you can run the plastic tubing between the furring strips.

Step 4

Continue to build a wall fountain by adding exterior stain on the front, back and edges of the plywood. Make sure it matches the color of the slate. Allow the stain to dry. Put the wood sealer on. Allow the sealer to dry.

Step 5

Apply the waterproof adhesive on the slate tiles. Set them on the face of the plywood. Make cuts on the tile that will fit the opening. Next, attach it to the plywood. Allow the adhesives to dry.

Step 6

Add concrete seal on the planter. Set it where you want to put the outdoor wall fountain. Put some plumber’s putty on the planter if
it comes with drainage holes.

Step 7

Attach the tubing on the opening (this is on the fountain’s back). Seal all around the tubing. Now set the fountain on the concrete planter. After you build a wall fountain, join the tubing to the fountain pump. Put water in the planter. Turn the pump on.

Tips and Warnings

You can add stones to the planter to decorate it. You can also arrange several plants around the area. A lot of the hard work will be removed if you plan ahead. This means getting the precise dimensions.

Also, pick the best possible spot for the fountain. If you have a certain theme or arrangement, use the fountain to enhance it. You can also put the outdoor wall fountain in a spot where it is sure to catch the eye of people.

The more time and effort you put in to build a wall fountain, the better the result will be. By investing some time and persevering, a work of art will only be a few hours away.