How to Build a Mouse Trap Car

Mouse trap car racing contests take place frequently in colleges, clubs and schools. Kids also get assignment in school to build mouse trap cars in different forms and shapes. Luckily, tt is very easy to build a mouse trap car, so you can make several for yourself or help your kid to build it in no time.

Required Tools and Materials

Wood or metal rods
Rubber material
Foam board or CDs
Eye hooks
Lightweight wood
Mouse trap
Rubber bands or balloons

Step 1

The first step is to put the chassis together. This will be the foundation for the mousetrap. It will also serve as the base for the wheels and other attachments you want to add. Make sure to use light wood pieces. Put the eye hooks on as the axle carriers.

Step 2

Put the mouse trap on the chassis. Drill holes in the mouse trap base and the platform. Screw the mouse trap base on the chassis. Note: the mouse trap spring mechanism will power the car.

Step 3

The next step to build a mouse trap car is to put the wheels on. Various materials can be used to make wheels. These include CDs, DVD discs, foam boards and other objects.

Put balloons, rubber bands or other rubbery materials on. They will serve as the tread. Note: make sure to use wheels that are big compared to the size of the axles.

Step 4

Put the wheels and axles on. You can use metal rods as axles. You can also use plastic rods or wood dowels. Make sure the axles are balanced and straight. If it isn?t the mouse trap car will fall apart when used.

Step 5

The next step is to connect the string on the mouse trap. Leave a portion of the string loose. This is necessary. You will use it to wind around the drive axle.

When it gets to the end it will be released. If you do not leave the string base loose, it will rewind at the conclusion of its travel. This will slow the car.

Step 6

Lock the trap down. Wind the string about the drive axle. Release the trap and the car will go off.

Tips and Warnings

Use lightweight materials; this will make the mouse trap car go faster. Make sure the string is wound tightly on the axle. Ensure the string will not slip. This is very important.

When you build a mouse trap car, be very careful when handling the mouse trap. Make sure you know how it works. Otherwise, you could end up breaking a finger or two.

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